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May 2008, Volume 58, Issue 5
Our objective: To increase awareness, interest, and involvement in Section activities and
quality-related subjects.
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Next event

Managing the Global Supply Chain
John E. Reid
Date:     Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time:     6:00 PM
Place:     Hilton Hotel, Dorval (PET) Airport

Speakers :   
Leader, Supplier Quality Management for Bombardier Aerospace’s New Commercial Aircraft Program, The C-Series

Cost:   ASQ Members $40

Non-members $50
Includes supper and Parking!

Areas that John E. Reid will review on Managing the Global Supply Chain include:

  • The increasing complexity of the Supply Chain
  • Building strong strategies for an efficient Supply Chain
  • Translating strategic approaches into actions: Bombardier's commitment to enhance global civil aviation
  • Aligning actions to provide an amazing customer experience
Bring your business cards and be ready to network!
For registrations or information please contact:
Mitchell Daudier at (450) 463-0990 or e-mail at 
or Ray Dyer at (514) 818-7410 or e-mail at 

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JOHN E. REID – Leader, Supplier Quality Management for Bombardier Aerospace’s New Commercial Aircraft Program, The C-Series

John E. Reid has 30 years of experience in the Aerospace Industry. During those 30 years, he has held a number of positions in Manufacturing Quality, Quality Assurance, and Supplier Quality Management. He is currently the Supplier Quality Leader for Bombardier Aerospace’s New Commercial Aircraft Program, The C-Series.

The Editor's Corner

photo Chantale SimardBy Chantale Simard, ASQ CMQ/OE, Newsletter Editor

What a great season we had! Our events were well attended. W received very good feedback and a lot of people and members whom we had not seen for a while, or never saw before, attended are on a really good trend and it is promising for our next season.

Our April 2008 event was, this year again, combined a well attended Annual General Assembly and a presentation. Within short notice, Eric Stern and Raymond Dyer concocted a very interesting and interactive presentation about Networking.

We also had the pleasure to have among us at the event Brenda M. Fisk, our Regional Director. It was not the first time we had this privilege. Sometimes just attending the event and other times coming as a speaker! She seemed very touched by the award she received for her commitment and outstanding contributions to our ASQ section and our community and by the nice and well deserved words Jean-Pierre Amiel had for her. Our Section Chair, Mitchell Daudier,
also received the award. She was very surprised and pleased as well. She gives so much of her time, energy and professionalism to our Section. You should see how she manages our monthly meeting, like a pro! I feel very lucky to know her and to have been in a few projects with her. She is a passionate and devoted woman.

This is the last issue of the Newsletter for 2007-08. Before the September edition, I hope to see you in attendance at our next event with John E. Reid from Bombardier and at the ASQ 0404 Golf tournament this summer!

A Word from your Section Chair

Photo Mitchell DaudierBy Mitchell Daudier, Section Chair

The executive team will be planning the series of events to be held for the 2008-2009 season at our next executive meeting. Now is therefore the time to let us know about topics you would like to see on our next year program. You can send me your comments and suggestions by email before June 4th. Also, please do not miss our last event of the season which will be held on May 21st. It will be about Managing the Global Supply Chain with John E. Reid from Bombardier.

This ends my two years term as Section Chair. Thanks to all of you who attended our monthly events. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed and gained a lot from these sessions. We are planning to give you more of such interesting events next year.

Also thanks to those of you who have decided to become an ASQ member in the past two years. I want to believe that part of it is because we demonstrated that this section can successfully provide you with the support and information you, quality professionals, are looking for.

Thank to all the members who gave their comments and suggestions so our Section can continue to improve. It was a great two years for me.

Have a wonderful summer.

2008-2009 Officers

ASQ Montreal Section 0401 Announces 2008-2009 Officers

Montréal, Québec, April 16, 2008 — The American Society for Quality (ASQ) Montreal Section 0401 announced the following slate of officers for the 2008-09 term:

• Chair: Gordon Ayotte • Vice- Chair: Mitchell Daudier • Secretary: Bill Wilson • Treasurer: Stephen Jones

The results were announced by Inteaz Alli, ASQ CQA & CHA, Nominating Committee Chair, at ASQ Montreal Section’s Annual General Assembly, held April 16, in Montréal, Québec.

Welcome to our new members

Driss Abdellahi, Ahmed Bawazeer, Bingmei Li, Ge Li, Fabrice Rapold, Elizabeth Ross-Weissbach,
Albert Sekoh, Fang Shen and Holly Sincere

Sustaining Members

ASQ Montreal Section thanks our
Sustaining Members:

Bombardier Aerospace

Promaintech Novaxa



Jean-Pierre Amiel, ASQ Senior, CQA and Awards Chair announced, at our 16 April 2008 Annual General Assembly,  that our section was giving two awards this year «In recognition of their commitment and outstanding contributions to our ASQ section and our community.».

This year’s recipients were Brenda M. Fisk, ASQ CQIA, ASQ Canada Regional Director, ASQ Section Affairs Council Chair and Mitchell Daudier, ASQ Montreal Section Chair.

Left to right: Brenda M. Fisk & Jean-Pierre Amiel

Left to right: Jean-Pierre Amiel & Mitchell Daudier

Both Brenda and Mitchell have consistently, and for several years now, contributed
to our Section and have demonstrated true leadership qualities and
commitment. Please join us in thanking them for their involvement.

Where are they now?

By Jean-Pierre Amiel, ASQ Senior and CQA

Quality Tipper – Mr. Amiel, at last I get to ask you some questions for our Newsletter. I had read things from you in the past, and yet these days, you make yourself scarce. Where have you been? What have you been doing?

JP Amiel – Please call me JP. Well my dear friend, first, let me remind you that I’m almost as old as the Montreal Section, so as you may guess, unlike the great Phoenix who just recreates himself as necessary, I sometimes have difficulties maintaining an up-beat.

QTip – So where have you been? Why do we not see you anymore at Section events?

JPA – A simple case of priorities my friend. Like most of you, I must deal with various life issues and this has resulted in changes as to where I spend my time.  However, you will be pleased to know that I still wave a quality flag. Not the same way though. Its smaller. For instance, whenever possible, I volunteer as evaluator for the Grand Prix Québecois de la qualité. It’s a long two weeks of work, but a great opportunity to take the pulse of Quality evolution in Québec, as well as to see some of the inner works of a variety of small and big companies. A good eye opener on our future.

QTip – Why do you say that?

JPA – Can’t say too much, I signed a confidentiality agreement, but it’s a good two-way experience. While I learn how the top management of the candidates sees quality, I get to pass some messages during question periods.

QTip – I see. Is that all you’re doing?

JPA – Not at all. I told you I wave flags. Well, back at work at the STM (a local transit firm with buses and cars in tunnels) when I perform audits, brain-storm or process-solve, I get to ask questions and subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) pass on some messages.

QTip – Ha, ha. But really, what else are you doing in the quality field?

JPA – Well, to state it humbly, I created a bursary at the École de technologie supérieure, at first under my name, but now in father’s name. My Alma Mater. Every year, I hand out a check to one of the engineering student scientific clubs – Budding engineers with good skills for transforming concepts into awards in front of other North American universities, but usually with a much smaller budget.

QTip – Wow. What do they have to do to win?

JPA – Well I ask them questions about their projects and I get to pass some messages.

QTip – Wait a minute. You’ve already said that, what messages are we talking about here?

JPA – Well my friend, if you want to harvest changes, you have to go out there, select the right field, sow some proper seeds, nurture them a bit, and with some time and patience, changes will grow. After all, you can only bang your head against a wall for so long -- It will eventually hurt. If you don’t want to join them, then change them. Not a big philosophy, but a good starter.

QTip – What do you mean by that?

JPA – Well, over the years, I noted that some people actually listened to what I had to say about improvement (after I calmed down a bit). However, it was not always within their grasp at that moment. It required finessing, finances, timing and willingness – a tough “right” combination to achieve. Anyway, since experience is the sum of our errors (and I have a lot of experience) my questions aren’t always about today, but often about what tomorrow should be. But sometimes -- Bingo -- some of them actually fructify and bloom and then, change occurs.

QTip – So what about tomorrow?

JPA – Well, I really wanted to be a teacher, but since I could not know everything. . . . So, when I look back, over the years, I feel that some people out there have fond (QTip -- let’s not push it, let’s say good) memories of me, and I feel that I did have some part in influencing them in some quality improvement.

Other ASQ event / autre événement de l'ASQ

La section Montréal francophone 0404 de l'ASQ tiendra son 18ème tournoi de golf cette année, soit le 4 juillet.  C'est une activité idéale pour s'amuser et réseauter !  Have fun and network!  Click here for more information and to register.

Think You Can Pass An ASQ Certification Exam?

By Norman Dickinson, B.Sc., ASQ CQE, CQA, Certification Chair

Think again. ASQ certification can be difficult to obtain. In general, almost 50% of all persons who write an exam leading to ASQ certification will fail that exam. The exams are challenging. They are meant to test not only your knowledge but your experience in the various fields of quality relevant to the certification being sought.

Here are some suggestions on how to test yourself prior to sitting for an expensive exam. Go to 
www.asq.org then go to “Training & Certification” then go to “Prepare for an Exam” then select the certification that you wish to write. There are several options two of which are; (1) to take an “Interactive Sample Exam” on-line, or (2) download a pdf version of the sample exam to take it at your own speed. Choose one of the options and take the sample test. Be honest with yourself when you score the results afterward. Experience shows us that a mark of at least 75% needs to be obtained, on the first pass in the sample test, to have a reasonable chance of succeeding in the examination. Make sure you are prepared

The Montreal Section, among other sources, offers refresher courses. Unless you are good at self study we strongly urge you to consider taking a course. For more information on these courses look elsewhere in this Newsletter, or follow the links on the section’s website 
www.asqmontreal.qc.ca, or email Dr. David Tozer Ph.D. at tozerdd@sympatico.ca for more information.

Notes from the last ASQ world conference

By Shlomit Shteyer, VIS Quality Manager for Verint Systems Canada Inc.Education & Audit Chair

Following are the sessions in which I participated along with some notes I wrote during the session:

1. Improvement team by Gregory S. Babe (President and chief Executive officer, Bayer Material Science LLC) In this session, the focus was on a success story of improvement teams. This team was initiated by the CEO. It included people as a full time job and various people from different departments part time. The improvement teams included the following areas: Systems (tools, infrastructure), Process (sales, product, development), and Behavior. The goal was to make the order entry process untouchable. Success was a result of a dedicated team, management support, and good results.

2. Innovation by Michael Stanleigh (President, Business Improvement Architects) What is Innovation?

Some people sit together and bring some ideas and turn a vision into reality.
Innovation should be in the formal agenda of the regular leadership meeting.
Innovation is a long journey – do not focus on the short run.
Example: Google: 20% of the time invested in innovation.
We are so focused today in “how are we doing this month” that they cannot innovate.

How do we create the culture to Innovate?

Read Full Article...

Executive Committee Meetings

Section Executive Committee (Leadership Team) Meetings are held at different locations, starting at 6 PM. The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for :

Consult the List of Your Executive for 2007-2008 here

Note that all dates planned are subject to change. Please call ahead to attend by contacting the Section Chair or the Section Secretary.

Note: Available on request for section members only are minutes of section executive meetings (contact the Secretary) and section operating budget information (contact the Treasurer).

ASQ Certification & Recertification

Please visit www.asqmontreal.qc.ca/Certification/Exmdates.html for exams dates.

Is Your Recertification Due?

By Norman Dickinson, CQE, CQA, Certification, Recertification, Internet Liaison & Section Examining

Look at your wallet card to see when your present certification is due to expire.. If it says December 31, 2008 you are in luck but barely. Get your journal, with supporting objective evidence (you should know what that is), to me before the end of June 2008. If it says that you are due in June 2008 then you have until the end of December 2008 to submit your journal, but you can still submit it now if you are ready and have the points.

If you did not renew for extenuating circumstances and are past the final deadline there is still hope. Contact ASQ at 1-800-248-1946 and explain the circumstances.

Maybe you’ve decided not to recertify because (a) you are unemployed, (b) no longer in the quality field or perhaps (c ) your employer no longer will pay for it? Think about this, your certification belongs to you and no one else. Remember how hard you had to study for it? How hard the exam was? If you let it lapse you must rewrite the exam. Do you know where you will be employed in a year or so? Well congratulations because most of us don’t and it could come in handy then, it sure won’t hinder you to retain it. The cost to renew one certification, at $30.00 USD, is much less than it would to rewrite. (The US - Canadian exchange rate is better than ever.)

If you are a member of Section 0401, Montreal, then contact me (Norman) at 
norm.d@alumni.concordia.ca or at 514-334-6102 to find out where to send your journal. If you are NOT a member of section 401 then contact ASQ directly at 1-800-248-1946. 

Come and visit us at http://www.asqmontreal.qc.ca


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