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September 2011 (Volume 61 - Issue 7)

Our objective: To increase awareness, interest, and involvement in Section activities and
quality-related subjects.  Visit our web site at

1 - Next Event

7 - Mentoring Program Launch

Part 1

13 - Section Education Program 

2 - Ad / Publicité

8 - 2011-12 Planned Events 

14 - Executive Committee Meetings & Officers 

3 - The Editor's Corner

9 - Welcome to our New Members

15 - ASQ Certification & Recertification

4 - A Word from your Section Chair

10 - Sustaining Members

16 - Upgrade to Senior Member

5 - Had You Come to the Last Event

11 - Other ASQ Events

17 - Unemployed Member Dues
6 - Voice Of The Custmer 12 - ASQ News 18 - Feedback/Advertising Rates

1. Next Event


    Wednesday, September 21, 2011   


    6:00 PM


Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel

     12505 Cote de Liesse
Dorval, Quebec
H9P 1B7

Internal Audit Techniques - Show & Tell

Bernard Doiron

Quality Consultant

Lead Auditor - SGS Canada


Jean-Pierre Amiel

Quality Project Coordinator



2. Ad / Publicité

Join us for our next event, where our speakers will explain how to take the theoretical approach of auditing and put it into practice in the field. They will go through all the steps required to plan and realize an internal audit. Mr. Doiron will explain how he works within the small and medium size enterprises (PME), while Mr. Amiel will show how he does it in a company with larger sectors to cover. Bottom line: it should be fun for all as it appears there are small differences in the way things are done. We hope you will come away with a better idea of what is required to do an internal quality audit.

Bernard Doiron has been working in the Quality field for the past 30 years. He has developed, implemented and maintained numerous quality systems based on ISO 9001 for different sectors, as well as quality systems based on Z299.3, N285.0 and NQA-1 for the nuclear industry. He presently works as a subcontractor for SGS Canada as a QMS Lead Auditor. He has been involved for 15 years with Montreal Section of the American Society for Quality, as a member of the executive and Chair for 2004 - 2006.

Jean-Pierre Amiel has dedicated himself for the past 30 years to the development of quality assurance systems and quality improvement activities in recognized companies such as the STM, Marconi Canada and Canadair. He is presently a Quality Projects Coordinator and specializes in quality assurance in the Operations Engineering Division of the Montreal Transport Corporation (STM) Subway group. He has set up and coordinated an internal quality audit program inspired by ISO 19011, the concepts of the QUALImètre and the Grand Prix Québecois de la qualité. He has been involved with the Montreal Section of the American Society for Quality for more than 30 years as a member of the executive on various positions (Secretary, Programs, Newsletter, Chair 1998-99, Awards) and currently Historian.


Cost: ASQ Members ($40), Non-Members ($50)

Supper and Parking are included.

Bring your business cards and be ready to network!

To register for any event or for more information on events please contact:
Sukhvinder Jutla
Tel: (450) 647-8092

Mitchell Daudier
Tel: (450) 647-7830

3. The Editor's Corner

By Michael Bournazian, Eng., Newsletter Editor

Another year of ASQ dinners and presentations is about to begin.  Which for me means another year of doing this Newsletter.  My first full year as Newsletter Editor was very rewarding, if for no other reason than the fact that I was able to deliver all 9 issues of the Newsletter on time!

When I was originally asked to take on this responsibility, I was somewhat unsure as to whether I would have the time to do it, or even able to do it. As usually happens with me though, once I understood everything that had to be done, I set about creating the conditions under which I would succeed with the least amount of stress.  This involves a fair amount of time management, and reminders to do things at certain times of the month.  To date, I have not fallen flat on my face, and even with the occasional business travel coinciding with a deadline for delivery, I did my best.  I hope that my best has been good enough, and that I (and the other contributors to this Newsletter) continue to deliver to you something that you look forward to reading on a monthly basis.

And speaking of things that happen on a monthly basis, I hope that as many of you as possible can make it out to the monthly dinner events.  As you will see in Section 8 below, we have some very interesting and different topics coming up this season.

May the quality be with you . . .  and if it's not with you, then make it happen!

4. A Word from your Section Chair

By Chantale Simard, ASQ Senior Member, CMQ/OE, Section Chair

Welcome to a new season of the ASQ Montreal Section.  We are planning two events for the month of September.

First, we offer you an event at the Airport Hotel on the third Wednesday of the month, as usual.  We are pleased to present what will certainly be an unforgettable evening with two well-known quality professionals within the section and beyond: Jean-Pierre Amiel and Bernard Doiron.  If you want to learn about internal quality audits, it is the event you don’t want to miss.

Also, on the 28th, don’t miss the Mentorship Cocktail at HEC where we hope to create fruitful relationships between new members, including student members, and Senior ASQ members.  Refer to Sections 7 and 11 below for more information.  Please, if you are a senior member and you can give a little bit of your time for this special event, let me know.

Give me your feedback by e-mail

5. Had You Come to the Last Event

Had you come . . . ASQ Montreal Chapters Golf Tournament

Here are some comments from Section 401 members who attended the last event in July 2011: the annual 401/404 golf tournament:

David Tozer
This year’s golf tournament was a lot of fun.  The day was a little hot but our team managed to put in a good performance.  Our collective score in the Vegas format was much better than any individual could have done from our team.  We seemed to complement each other very well.  At the supper I was able to meet many people from Section 404 whom I have had the privilege of working with over the years.  All together a good day.

Michael Bournazian
Well, firstly, it did not rain.  The downpour that interrupted the tournament last year did not materialize this time around, and we were able to play a good 18 holes.   All players in my foursome had their equal amounts of shining and dull moments.  And just like my 2 previous times, I was unable to stay for the dinner after the golf was done!  I have to break this streak at some point.  We'll see what the future brings: surely not any holes-in-one from me!

Rajesh-Kumar Tyagi
The golf tournament was an excellent opportunity to network with fellow section 404 members.  I also realized, and it was confirmed by my teammates, that I needed proper golf lessons!

Chantale Simard
What a good day and evening we had at the golf!  It was a pleasure to network and socialise with all the participants.  I look forward to participate again next year. Don’t hesitate to join us: even if you've never played golf before.  It is mostly a good chance to communicate with other Quality Professionals in a different environment.

Thanks to Ovide Côté for his precious help and to Marcel Charbonneau who lead the golf committee. Thanks to Sukhvinder Jutla, member of the golf committee. Thanks to all our sponsors: DESSAU, SAI Global, RGA, Club Base de Roc, BSI and Boomerang éditeur jeunesse.

6. Voice of the Customer

By Raymond E. Dyer - ASQ CMQ/OE & CQA, Voice of the Customer Chair

The most pertinent ASQ "Specific Duty and Responsibility" for the Voice of the Customer position is "Be an advocate for member value, satisfaction, and loyalty." That means influencing well intentioned ASQ colleagues, each with their own ideas and opinions on what matters to our membership, and trying to ensure they get informed of what counts most to you, our members. There are quantitative tools like surveys that can offer a sampling of information, but doing the job right also involves networking, conversations, analysis, and other very qualitative tools as well. It also involves understanding who your customers really are and what they really want and need. On September 9th, I lost a very close friend due to medical complications following a car accident from a couple of months earlier. My thoughts are still very much with this wonderful woman. Some of the lessons she taught me fit well into my preamble.

For many years, Renée Legendre was a teacher for Collège Notre-Dame. This included teaching my son some 4 years back. In addition to being married to a Quality professional, she understood very well the value of Quality and the importance of listening to and meeting the needs of her customers. But who were her customers?

Turns out there were many. The obvious one was her students and she always kept their needs and interests in mind. However, the parents of these students were also her customers seeing as they were paying fees to the school with the expectation of a quality education for their child. Society in general, including private and public organizations, was also a customer as there was an expectation that donations would be put to good use and generate responsible, constructive citizens. Her school's management was also her customer as they paid her salary on the expectation she would deliver the excellent educational services she provided.

So there we are. While my friend never lost sight of all of the forms of customers she had, she also very much knew how to focus on and satisfy the needs of the most important one, her students. My son and I figured she must have taught over 40,000 of them throughout her career.

With that, I keep in mind that, while it is important to satisfy society's need for Quality, our sponsoring organizations' Quality interests, and the various networks of Quality professionals we interface with, my main customer as ASQ Montreal Section 0401 Voice of the Customer is our section's members. I will continue to survey and analyze our membership's feedback so I can voice their needs. However, I'll still need you to tell me (us) what you really expect and need from your ASQ membership. That's what Renée would have expected.

7. Mentoring Program Launch: Part 1

By Rajesh Tyagi, ASQ Senior Member, Co-Counselor Montreal Universities Students Branch

The Mentorship Program of ASQ Section 401 (and Montreal Universities Student Branch) is based on the identified need of members who lack information about quality profession in general, and various training programs and certifications available within ASQ family. New members would also like to network with other members, and Senior (and Fellow) members to receive guidance and advice for professional development and career management. In brief, mentoring in this context could be defined as sharing & transferring the wealth of our experiences, sharing best practices and contributing to the professional (and personal) development of younger and new (student) members.

As part of the Mentorship Program, Senior members could also benefit by staying current with new tools and technologies, strengthening their leadership skills and remaining relevant by exchanging views with new graduates. Considering the importance of mentoring, the section has decided to formally hold an annual Mentorship/New Member Orientation event. The event will be held on September 28th, 5pm-8pm, HEC Montreal. Over 20 new (and student) members have already signed up for the event.

The purpose of the Mentorship event is to be a launching pad and to provide necessary information in one place. The event will provide an overview of available programs, tools and knowledge available to ASQ members. Members will also get an opportunity to meet, interact and share experience with senior members. An open networking session will follow toward the end. The ASQ Section 401 hopes to match new members with a senior member and to provide mentoring on an ongoing basis.

The strategic plan of the Section is to build and maintain a database of potential senior/fellow members who are willing to serve as mentors. The Mentor-mentee together will decide the workings of the relationship. Mentors are usually assigned for a period of one year.

On an ongoing basis, mentors will share their past experience and knowledge with each other through informal meetings to enrich the overall group experience of mentors, which may comprise of new versus seasoned mentors. In some cases, mentees could use assessment tools to identify their strengths and weaknesses that can be further shaped by mentors. A mentor would be a sounding board for mentee and often provide information and tools to help them chart their career.

The ASQ Section 401 and Student Branch are seeking feedback on the program, as well an active participation of Senior Members of the Section.

8. 2011-12 Planned Events

By Sukhvinder S. Jutla, 2011-12 Program Chair

Date, time, and location will be confirmed as we progress into the year.  Most events are planned for Wednesday evenings and are held at the Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel.   Watch the Newsletter and our web site for further details.



October 19, 2011 Quality in the Service Industry
November 16, 2011

What Makes People Perform?

January 25, 2011 Importance of Cultural Settings for Continuous Improvements in Quality
February 15, 2011

Supply Chain Quality

March 21, 2012 How Large Companies Deal with Quality Issues
April 18, 2012 Root Cause Analysis
May 16, 2012 Statistical Tools & SPC
Septmber 2012

To register for any event of for more information on events please contact: Sukhvinder Jutla at (450) 647-8092 or e-mail at

9. Welcome to our New Members

June 2011
Ahmed Bawazeer
Georgina Cama
Eman Elmassri
Jose Paquin
Dennis Robinson

July 2011
Youssef Abidar
Bilal Aleem
Guy De Langis
Bryan G. Quilliams
Albert Sekoh

August 2011
Hailiang Chen
Passinte Desouky
Lucie Opatrny
Michael Pedersen
Hong Yan Tian
Jonathan Trepanier
An Wang

10. Sustaining Members

ASQ Montreal Section thanks our Sustaining Members:

SC Johnson Home Storage

QMI - SAI Global

11. Other ASQ Events

ASQ Montreal Universities Student Chapter (Wednesday, September 28, 2011)

The Student Chapter now has its own website!  Please visit them here. for more information about the upcoming event and much more.

ASQ Montreal Section 404 (Thursday, September 22, 2011)

The ASQ Montreal Francophone section's next event: Clinique qualité : plan d’expérience. Presented by Doris Perron, Rosaire Ratelle et Sylvain Tétreault.

LOCATION: St-Hubert restuarant, 10520 rue Lajeunesse, Montreal, Quebec.
TIME: 18h00.
COST: $40.00.

ASQ Vermont Section 112 (Wednesday, September 21, 2011)

"Corrective Action/Preventative Action Problem Solving Process"
David Russo – Certified CMQ/OE and CQA, ISO 13485 Lead Auditor and PMP from GE Healthcare

Program Overview: David will present a refresher of the Corrective Action/Preventative Action problem solving process. Review will include tips on writing a good problem statement, investigation tools to find root cause, determining corrections, corrective actions and preventative actions as well as verification of effectiveness.

WHEN: Wednesday September 21, 2011.
TIME: 17h30 Registration.
PLACE: The Essex , 70 Essex Way , Essex , Vermont.
COST: $30 ASQ and TPC Members; $35 for non-members Buffet Dinner will be provided! (TPC includes members from ASQ, APICS, ISM, ASTD, PMI, STC, SME and IMA members) .

12. ASQ News

How to Present at ASQ’s Healthcare Conference
If you have demonstrated measureable improvement results in the healthcare field, you are invited to submit a presentation topic for the 2012 Quality Institute from Healthcare (QIHC), May 21-23, in Anaheim, Calif.  The deadline for presentations has been extended to September 14.  Learn more here.

America Needs Baldrige!
Large numbers of people are reaching out on September 8 to tell Congress with a single and compelling message: America Needs Baldrige!  Congress will listen if we speak loud enough and if there are enough of us sharing the same message at the same time.  Read this FAQ to see how you can participate.

ASQ Communities Welcomes 20,000th Member
Congratulations to Kirat Bakshi, who recently became the 20,000th member of the ASQ communities by joining the New to Quality Network.  Join the ASQ communities to build your profile, blog, connect with others, and network.  Visit the ASQ Communities.

2010–11 Loyalty and Satisfaction Survey Results
The results of the 2010–11 Loyalty and Satisfaction survey are now available on the QMP site on the Member Leader Community of Practice. The reports show the summary scores and verbatim comments for each section and division. Take a look at what your members think you are doing well and their suggestions for implementing new ideas.
Section Loyalty and Satisfaction survey
Division Loyalty and Satisfaction survey

13. ASQ Montreal Section Education Program 2010-2011

By David Tozer, Ph.D., ASQ CQE and SSBB, Education & Audit Chair

Having ASQ certification gives you an edge in the market and can significantly increase your income.

ASQ Certification often leads to higher paying employment.  The money invested in education and certification increases chances of finding employment quickly in the down sizing environment we live in.  People who take the section sponsored refresher courses, and spend at least twice as much time as spent in the classroom on self study, have an 80%, or better, chance of passing the examination on the first attempt.

Certified Quality Engineer Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, human resources, team formation and group dynamics, inspection, metrology, sampling, reliability, quality standards, quality audit, statistics, design of experiments, process improvement, liability, and modern management methods for improving quality.

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, lean enterprise, statistics, design of experiments, and design for six sigma.

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, and statistics.

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Topics include: quality concepts, quality planning, customer focus, quality standards, project management, cost of quality, team formation and group dynamics, human resources and improvement.

Certified Quality Auditor Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, management responsibility, audit objectives, audit preparation, audit conduct, audit reporting, sampling, and basic statistics.

Certified Quality Inspector Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, geometry, metrology, reading drawings, mechanical processes, statistical process control, inspection, and sampling.

Calendar and Registration Form

Questions? In house courses, etc.: David Tozer:  (514) 694-2830,

14. Executive Committee Meetings & Officers

Section Executive Committee (Leadership Team) Meetings are held at different locations, starting at 6 PM. The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for :

October 5, 2011

Consult the List of Your Executive for 2011-12 here

Note that all dates planned are subject to change.  Please call ahead to attend by contacting the Section Chair or the Section Secretary.

Note: Available on request for section members only are minutes of section executive meetings (contact the Secretary) and section operating budget information (contact the Treasurer).

15. ASQ Certification & Recertification

Please visit for exams dates.

For members interested in preparing their journals for recertification, please contact Norman Dickinson, Recertification Chair, at telephone: (514) 334-6102 or e-mail:

Congratulations to the following members who passed their exams in June 2011:

Certified Calibration Technician

    Jacques Marcoux

Certified Quality Auditor

    Beichen Li

    Antonella A. Maggio

    Atique Rehman

Certified Quality Engineer

    Fangfang Ding

    Sonia Rodriguez

    An Wang

Certified Quality Improvement Associate

    Sonia Luzi

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

    Ana Gabriela Amezaga Flores

    Nathalie Bouchard

    Leonard Eva

    Anatolij Karev

    Mohamad Ali L. Mortada

    Hugues Santerre


Look at your wallet card to see when your present certification is due to expire.  If it says that you are due in June 2011, then you have until the end of December 2011 to submit your journal, but you can still submit it now if you are ready. If you did not renew for extenuating circumstances and are past the final deadline, there is still some hope. Contact ASQ at 1-800-248-1946 and explain the circumstances.

Maybe you’ve decided not to recertify because: (a) you are unemployed, (b) no longer in the quality field, or (c) your employer no longer will pay for it? Think about this: your certification belongs to you and no one else, definitely not to your employer. Remember how hard you had to study for the exam? How hard the exam was? If you let it lapse you must rewrite the exam. Do you know where you will be employed in a year or so? If you said yes, well congratulations because most of us don’t and having a valid certification could come in handy when you apply for any new job; it sure won’t hinder you to retain it. The cost to renew one certification, at $30.00 USD, is much less than it would to rewrite and a lot less trouble (the US - Canadian exchange rate is better than ever).

If you are a member of Section 0401, Montreal, then contact Norman Dickinson at or at 514-334-6102 to find out where to send your journal. If you are NOT a member of Section 0401, then contact ASQ directly at 1-800-248-1946.

16. Upgrade Your Membership to Senior Member


Why not demonstrate your professional growth and accomplishments in the quality profession by becoming an ASQ Senior Member. You will receive recognition from ASQ, additional benefits, and the opportunity of being nominated to the grade of Fellow Member, if you qualify. Go onto your profile at to complete the application on-line. You can also download the application from Or you may phone 1-800-248-1946 and request that an application be mailed to you. Apply today either by phone or on-line and get the recognition and benefits you deserve.

17. Unemployed Member Dues

Unemployed ASQ members receive a discount on their membership dues based on consecutive years of membership.

Consecutive Years of Membership Dues Discount
1-4 50%
5 or more 100%

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow member.
  • Any years as a Forum, Associate, or enrolled student do not qualify.
  • You may submit this application only after being unemployed for at least 90 days.
  • You must be actively seeking employment.
  • Retired or self-employed members are not eligible. ASQ offers a similar benefit for retired members.


  • Your basic membership dues for the current membership year will be paid or partially paid by ASQ. Basic membership dues exclude
    additional Forums and Divisions, journals, and additional Sections (Seniors and Fellows—you keep your extra benefit of choice).
  • You may participate in the program for no more than two years in your membership lifetime. You must complete an application for the second
    year of participation.
  • After renewing your membership, please visit Careers in Quality to search for jobs, apply for positions online, and post your resume for employers to view.

NOTE: The following links require that you be logged into your account before you try to activate them.

Download the 2010/2011 Unemployment Program Application (July 2010–June 2011 Membership Groups) (PDF, 78 KB)

NOTE: The information related to this benefit was correct at the time this Newsletter was issued.  But as the ASQ has the right to revise its benefits, please contact the ASQ for the latest information on this benefit.  It may be revised or discontinued at any time.

18. Feedback

Please send us your comments about the ASQ Montreal Section 0401 E-Newsletter (topics, layout, length, etc.).  Do you want to contribute an article (English or French) or a good idea?  Contact us by e-mail.

18. Advertising Rates 


 ASQ Member



First Ad



Regular size



Small size



10% discount  for 2 to 7 issues
25% discount for 8 issues (full year) 

Contact Michael Bournazian for more information

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