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February 2013 (Volume 63 - Issue 2)

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1 - Next Event

7 - Proposed Slate of Officers

13 - Section Education Program 

2 - Ad / Publicité

8 - 2012-13 Planned Events

14 - Executive Committee Meetings & Officers 

3 - The Editor's Corner

9 - Welcome to our New Members

15 - Upgrade to Senior Member

4 - A Word from Your Section Chair

10 - Sustaining Members 16 - Unemployed Member Dues

5 - Had You Come to the Last Event

11 - Other ASQ Events

17 - Feedback/Advertising Rates

6 - Voice Of The Customer

12 - ASQ News

1. Next Event


    Wednesday, February 20, 2013


    6:00 PM


Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel

     555 McMillan Avenue
Dorval, Quebec
H9P 1B7

Quality Management Process Measures & Workforce Mobilization

Pierre Marquis, Eng., MBA

Director of Quality, Continuous Improvement & Environment

GGI International


Please join us on February 20th to hear our guest speaker present the topic of Quality Management Process Measures & Workforce Mobilization.

2. Ad / Publicité

Mr. Marquis will present how he developed Quality Management Process Measures for an organisation now registered to FOUR International Standards: AS9100C, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. He will also describe how the workforce is informed and mobilized to support GGI’s excellent achievements.

Presentation Content

1- Brief introduction to GGI International (7 min)
        a. Products and Capabilities
        b. Market segments
        c. Lean Design/Engineering/Manufacturing
2- Quality Function Structure & Responsibilities (6 min)
3- Management Process Measures and Metrics (10 min)
4- Workforce Mobilization (5 min)
5- Case studies: Solving customer complaints (10 min)
        a. Backlighting
        b. Tail alignment on a keypad
6- Question Period

Since 2009, Pierre Marquis has been in charge of Quality at GGI International, a medium size company based in Lachine, Quebec. GGI designs and manufactures human machine interface solutions, mostly known as membrane switches and touch screens, for the market segments of aerospace, medical, defense, industrial controls, automotive and electronic transaction terminals.

Before joining GGI International, Pierre worked as VAVE Project Manager from 2001 to 2009 at Sanmina-SCI (SANM) in Montreal, an Electronics Manufacturing Services multinational. He was also the Worldwide Quality Prime for the Nortel account during the same period and completed a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. From 1995 to 2000, his responsibilities at SANM involved management of Engineering, Training, Stores and Quality.

Prior to 1995 work experience includes Industrial Engineering and supervision positions at Circo Craft, Bell Canada and Nortel.

Pierre graduated in industrial engineering from l’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) in 1985, and completed a MBA from HEC Montreal in 1999. He possesses 27 years of experience, mainly in the electronics manufacturing industry.
Cost ASQ Members ($40)
Non-Members ($50)

Supper and Parking are included.

Bring your business cards and be ready to network.

To register for any event or for more information on events please contact:
Mr. Sukhvinder Jutla at
Tel: (450) 647-8092

3. The Editor's Corner

By Michael Bournazian, Eng., Newsletter Editor


Customer satisfaction . . . we've all had to deal with this a time or three in our working lives, no matter what field of work we are in. For the bookstore owner, it's the person buying the book. For the restaurant owner, it's the person eating their food. For the newspaper editor, it's the person reading the articles. And on and on. "Keep the customer happy", "the customer is always right", and many other expressions that occasionally come up to remind people where the money and employee salaries come from.

But what of supplier satisfaction? What the hell is that? No one ever talks about that, so how important can it be? Why should I care how satisfied my suppliers are, when it's my customers who are buying my final product and paying me for it?

In the world of Quality standards where I've worked, a look at the latest revision of ISO 9001:2008 has the term "customer satisfaction" appear numerous times, with 2 sections of the standard addressing it very directly:

8.2.1 Customer satisfaction As one of the measurements of the performance of the quality management system, the organization shall monitor information relating to customer perception as to whether the organization has met customer requirements. The methods for obtaining and using this information shall be determined. NOTE: Monitoring customer perception can include obtaining input from sources such as customer satisfaction surveys, customer data on delivered product quality, user opinion surveys, lost business analysis, compliments, warranty claims and dealer reports. 5.2 Customer focus
Top management shall ensure that customer requirements are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction (see 7.2.1 and 8.2.1).

When you have to live up to the aerospace standard (AS 9100:2009), things get more prescriptive in 8.2.1 with this additional paragraph:

Information to be monitored and used for the evaluation of customer satisfaction shall include, but is not limited to: product conformity, on-time delivery performance, customer complaints and corrective action requests. Organizations shall develop and implement plans for customer satisfaction improvement that address deficiencies identified by these evaluations, and assess the effectiveness of the results.

At no point in either of these main Quality standards is supplier satisfaction mentioned. And why is this? Is it not important?

If you are a machine shop who machines parts for your customer, you could quite possibly have suppliers that you rely on to do heat treatment, non-destructive testing, any number of surface treatments, etc. Is it not equally important to assure that these suppliers are satisfied with you as much as they are trying to assure your satisfaction? The better you treat/deal/communicate with them, the more they will try to get the work done for you on-time and with right-first-time quality. This will then assure that your schedules can be maintained in order to meet your customer’s needs.

The funny thing for myself is that I’ve only started thinking about supplier satisfaction in the past few years while working for a company where I am the customer dealing with suppliers. In my working years preceding my current job, I was almost always in a “supplier” role trying to meet the customer demands and requirements. During these years, the concept of the customer doing their best to satisfy us never once crossed my mind, it was consistently a focus on fulfilling the customer needs. Now that I am in a position where I am constantly requiring suppliers to meet my company’s demands and requirements, I actually find myself thinking about how to assure that the supplier feels satisfied with the work I am doing with them and how I am treating them.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Not often I’ll quote from The Bible, but it really does boil down to that.

So even though it may not be an ISO or AS or TS or whatever-S requirement (yet), do yourself, your company and your suppliers a favour and see what you can do to assure that your suppliers also remain satisfied.

What do you think?  Click on the link in the bottom right corner of this section and let me know.  Thanks.

In January's Editor's Corner, I had mentioned that on April 24th, 2013, our guest speaker for our evening on AS9100 will be Mr. Aaron Troschinetz, Aerospace Operations & Technical Manager with SAI Global. Since the last Newsletter, Mr. Trochinetz has provided us with a copy of his bio for your reading.  Click HERE to do so.

4. A Word from your Section Chair

By Bill Wilson, Section Chair

I was reminded lately how important it is to have a good balanced team. It is good to plan a strategy for your company and have the data to back up the project, but do you have the right people to make it happen? The human factor is always a portion of what we do in the quality field. Do we also have a plan to reinforce the team members as well, we need to keep gaining experience and help our teams grow as well.

Give me your feedback by e-mail

5. Had You Come to the Last Event

By Eric Stern, ASQ Senior Member, CQA, Publicity co-chair

Had you come . . . to the PPAP Event

If you read this, it is because you accept to view a portion of reality through my optics. I am an ISTJ, where S stands for Sensing, indicating a preference for sequencing information. After listening to the clear presentation of Nicole Talbot, I had an urge to complement it with Google material. In, I got a neat summary of the elements.

My point is, that, function of your learning style, it may be to your advantage to check out the subject either before or after the presentation to gain maximum benefits. For example, you may have been able to formulate some useful questions, even before showing up at the event. If you didn’t come, you at least get to gain some knowledge about the subject. After presentations of this type that give very large amounts of information, I prefer to focus on the portions that attracted my attention. Had you come, you probably would have seen some others. As an example, in one of the reference books that describe the PPAP package, CpK is presented in a form somewhat different from the definition that I am familiar with; this was the subject of a side discussion initiated by my table neighbour. It was certainly something important to him, but he didn’t want to impose the subject on the rest of the audience.

I extract from Wikipedia: “Suppliers are required to obtain PPAP approval from the vehicle manufacturers whenever a new or modified component is introduced to production, or the manufacturing process is changed. Obtaining approval requires the supplier to provide sample parts and documentary evidence showing that:

1) The client’s requirements have been understood
2) The product supplied meets those requirements
3) The process (including sub-suppliers) is capable of producing conforming product
4) The production control plan and quality management system will prevent non-conforming product reaching the client or compromising the safety and reliability of finished vehicles.”

Take into account that PPAP is already used in the food and medical industry, and is likely to be adopted in the next AS aeronautics standards.

If you really want to use PPAP, rely on the current manuals from AIAG, but to just get an idea get the description from Wikipedia (unless you are happy with the short presentation given by Nicole Talbot; she did mention that a complete training program takes 3 days).

Some of the comments that surged during the Q&A interaction follow here. A key benefit is the fact that teams are forced to work together. Feedback, training, and support from top management and the client are required. The process pays off even in small companies. All functions of the organization have to be involved.

Eric Stern, CQA, senior member, publicity co-chair, developmental coach and consultant at Expertech CMSC, 
expressing his own opinions.
For networking with local quality professionals explore these groups:

6. Voice of the Customer

By Raymond E. Dyer, ASQ Senior Member CMQ/OE & CQA, Voice of the Customer Chair

2013 Section Survey

We're going to do it again but this time we're going to try something different. While the last couple of surveys provided excellent feedback and ideas, not many of you participated. The reasons can vary including: the survey e-mail was treated as SPAM, or it was lost in all those e-mails, or perhaps just the fear of the time it would take to complete threw you off. We don’t know.

This year, we're going to mail out roughly 300 preposted, postcard sized, hardcopy surveys to our members. It shouldn't take long to complete (remember, postcard sized!) and it shouldn't be culled out as SPAM (hoping it won’t be seen as junk mail either).

It's really important we get your feedback so we can learn and improve our activities. When you receive it, please participate in this year's survey. We're looking forward to your responses. Thank-you for helping your ASQ section!
Give me your feedback by e-mail

7. Proposed Slate of Officers  (January - December 2014)

By Inteaz Alli, Ph.D. FASQ, FCIFST, ASQ CQA & CHA, QMSLA, Nominating Committee Chair

In accordance with Sections 5.4 and 6.1 of the Section Operating Agreement, the Montreal Section 401 Nominating Committee comprising of N. Dickinson, R. Dyer, D. Tozer, and I. Alli (Nominating Committee Chair), proposes the following Slate of Officers for January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014:
Chair: William (Bill) Wilson
Vice- Chair: Francois Pageau
Secretary: Hong Ping (Holly) Zhao
Treasurer: Eric Hosking
To nominate a different slate of officers or obtain further information, please contact Inteaz Alli at; alternate nominations for Section Officer positions can be made by petition of at least 10 members of the Section.

Please note that to hold a Section Officer position, one must be a member of the Section in good standing.

8. 2012-13 Planned Events

By Sukhvinder S. Jutla, 2012-13 Program Chair

Date, time, and location will be confirmed as we progress into the year.  Most events are planned for Wednesday evenings and are held at the Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel.   Watch the Newsletter and our web site for further details.



March 20, 2013 Quality in Healthcare (Initiatives & Successes)
April 24, 2013 Annual General Assembly plus our feature presentation
AS9100C: Risk Management as it applies to the Aerospace Supply Chain
May 15,  2013 Human Factors
July 2013 **Golf Tournament**
September 18, 2013 TBD
October 16, 2013 TBD
November 20, 2013 TBD
January 2014 TBD
February 2014 TBD

To register for any event of for more information on events please contact: Sukhvinder Jutla at (450) 647-8092 or e-mail at

9. Welcome to our New Members

Chaouki Abdeljalil
Jan Barton
Michel Belanger
Jean-Luc Boutillier
Luis S. Chung
Lisa Deguzman
Hossein Ghaffary
Daniel Gomes
Riad Lutfi
Seyed Amirhamed Miri
Francis Palma
Selvakumar Raju
Jonathan Riendeau
Ashok Srinivasan

10. Sustaining Members

ASQ Montreal Section thanks our Sustaining (Site) Members:

SC Johnson Home Storage

QMI - SAI Global

Shellcast Foundries

11. Other ASQ Events

ASQ Montreal Francophone Section 404 (Thursday, February 21, 2013)

The ASQ Francophone Section 404 will be holding an event on February 21, 2013.  The topic will be on the 8D quality tool, and presented by Mr. Stephane Wagner.  The event will take place at Restaurant La Goélette Plus, 8551 Boul. St-Laurent, Montréal.  For more information about the event, click HERE, and to register for the event, click HERE.

12. ASQ News

WCQI Keynote Speakers Announced
Daniel H. Pink, popular author of provocative books about the changing world of work, is among four keynote speakers announced for ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement, held May 6 – 8 in Indianapolis, IN. Other keynote speakers include professional speaker and author James Melton, futurist Jamais Cascio, and professional speaker and author Sally Hogshead.
Learn more about the keynote speakers and WCQI . . .

Teens Need to Learn How to Fail for STEM, Quality Careers While many quality professionals face challenges in which they fail, and get back up, nearly half of all students say they are afraid or uncomfortable to fail, according to a new ASQ survey. The survey, conducted in advance of National Engineers Week, February 17 – 23, also shows parents often are to blame for students’ pressure to succeed. Eighty-one percent of parents say they are uncomfortable if their child does not perform well in sports, extracurricular activities, or social situations. ASQ provides quality tools to help mitigate failing, which can be viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow.
Read more about the study and view results . . .

ASQ™ TV to Launch in February
Later next month ASQ will be launching ASQ™ TV, an online television program featuring stories on quality innovation, strategies, ideas, and tools to achieve continuous improvement and performance excellence in organizations, communities, and the world. ASQ™ TV, located on, will provide practical information and applications that our members and customers can use right away. New episodes will be posted monthly, with increasing frequency a few months into the initiative. Your sections, divisions, or LMCs will have the opportunity to provide content for ASQ™ TV, to offer expertise and to gain visibility for your ASQ Member Unit.
Learn more about ASQ TV . . .

How to Become an ASQ Author Seeing your name in print is a rewarding experience that few professionals ever achieve. If you are interested in becoming an author, ASQ offers many books, magazines, journals, and other venues to choose from. To submit your idea or to inquire about opportunities available at ASQ visit the Content Submissions Form.
View ASQ's Content Submissions Form . . .

13. ASQ Montreal Section Education Program 2012-2013

By David Tozer, Ph.D., ASQ CQE and SSBB, Education & Audit Chair

Having ASQ certification gives you an edge in the market and can significantly increase your income.
ASQ Certification often leads to higher paying employment.  The money invested in education and certification increases chances of finding employment quickly in the down sizing environment we live in.  People who take the section sponsored refresher courses, and spend at least twice as much time as spent in the classroom on self study, have an 80%, or better, chance of passing the examination on the first attempt. Certified Quality Engineer Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, human resources, team formation and group dynamics, inspection, metrology, sampling, reliability, quality standards, quality audit, statistics, design of experiments, process improvement, liability, and modern management methods for improving quality. Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, lean enterprise, statistics, design of experiments, and design for six sigma. Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, and statistics.

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Topics include: quality concepts, quality planning, customer focus, quality standards, project management, cost of quality, team formation and group dynamics, human resources and improvement.

Certified Quality Auditor Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, management responsibility, audit objectives, audit preparation, audit conduct, audit reporting, sampling, and basic statistics. Certified Quality Inspector Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, geometry, metrology, reading drawings, mechanical processes, statistical process control, inspection, and sampling. Calendar and Registration Form

Questions? In house courses, etc.: David Tozer:  (514) 694-2830,

14. Executive Committee Meetings & Officers

Section Executive Committee (Leadership Team) Meetings are held at different locations, starting at 6 PM. The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for :

March 6, 2013

Consult the List of Your Executive for 2012-13 here

Note that all dates planned are subject to change.  Please call ahead to attend by contacting the Section Chair or the Section Secretary. Note: Available on request for section members only are minutes of section executive meetings (contact the Secretary) and section operating budget information (contact the Treasurer).

15. Upgrade Your Membership to Senior Member

Why not demonstrate your professional growth and accomplishments in the quality profession by becoming an ASQ Senior Member. You will receive recognition from ASQ, additional benefits, and the opportunity of being nominated to the grade of Fellow Member, if you qualify. Go onto your profile at to complete the application on-line. You can also download the application from Or you may phone 1-800-248-1946 and request that an application be mailed to you. Apply today either by phone or on-line and get the recognition and benefits you deserve.

16. Unemployed Member Dues

Unemployed ASQ members receive a discount on their membership dues based on consecutive years of membership.

Consecutive Years of Membership Dues Discount
1-4 50%
5 or more 100%

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow member.
  • Any years as a Forum, Associate, or enrolled student do not qualify.
  • You may submit this application only after being unemployed for at least 90 days.
  • You must be actively seeking employment.
  • Retired or self-employed members are not eligible. ASQ offers a similar benefit for retired members.


  • Your basic membership dues for the current membership year will be paid or partially paid by ASQ. Basic membership dues exclude additional Forums and Divisions, journals, and additional Sections (Seniors and Fellows—you keep your extra benefit of choice).
  • You may participate in the program for no more than two years in your membership lifetime. You must complete an application for the second
    year of participation.
  • After renewing your membership, please visit Careers in Quality to search for jobs, apply for positions online, and post your resume for employers to view.

NOTE: The following links require that you be logged into your account before you try to activate them.

Download the Unemployment Program Application (July 2012–June 2013 Membership Groups) (Microsoft Word document, 101 KB)

NOTE: The information related to this benefit was correct at the time this Newsletter was issued.  But as the ASQ has the right to revise its benefits, please contact the ASQ for the latest information on this benefit.  It may be revised or discontinued at any time.

17. Feedback

Please send us your comments about the ASQ Montreal Section 0401 E-Newsletter (topics, layout, length, etc.).  Do you want to contribute an article (English or French) or a good idea?  Contact us by e-mail.

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