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June 2018 (Volume 68 - Issue 6)

Our objective: To increase awareness, interest, and involvement in Section activities and
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1 - Next Event

7 - Voice Of The Customer 

13 - Section Education Program 

2 - Ad / Publicité

8 - Section Nomination Process

14 - Executive Committee Meetings & Officers

3 - Upcoming ASQ Section 401 Events

9 - Welcome to our New Members

15 - Unemployed Member Dues

4 - The Editor's Corner

10 - Organization Members

16 - Feedback/Advertising Rates

5 - A Word from Your Section Chair

11 - Other ASQ Events

6 - Had You Come to the Last Event

12 - ASQ News

1. Next Event


Wednesday, June 27, 2018


1:00 PM



6767 Cote-de-Leisse
St. Laurent, Quebec
H4T 1E5




Please join us on June 27, 2018 for a company visit to TRU SIMULATION + TRAINING CANADA INC.

2. Ad / Publicité


Applicable Quality elements during the trip will include:

(1) The Gemba Walk process
(2) Work station dashboards
(3) Andon system


ASQ Members, Non-members and Students: FREE!

NOTE: The maximum size of the tour group is 15, so register early!

There is FREE PARKING locally around the company.

Bring your business cards and be ready to network.

To register for any event or for more information on events please contact:

Dr. David Tozer


3. Upcoming ASQ Section 401 Events

September 26, 2018: Internet of Things with Walter Knitl.

October 2018: PACCAR Tour Part 2 (exact date TBD).

October 24, 2018: GA and HACCP in the Food Industry with Deborah Esplin.

November 28, 2018: Oversight of Self-regulating Professions with Gabriel Ahmarani.

4. The Editor's Corner

Michael Bournazian, Eng., Newsletter Editor, ASQ Senior Member, CSSGB

During my February 2018 musings here in the Editor's Corner, I was searching (somewhat in vain) for the patience to get me through the process of completing all 9 site re-certification audits for my company to AS9100 standard Revision D.

Since then, the remaining 6 sites were audited and a grand total of (PERSONAL CENSORSHIP BUTTON ENGAGED) findings had been raised.

The next step was to respond to the findings by the given date of May 25, 2018.  At times, it felt like the day you knew that the red button would finally be pushed, and we would all be scrambling for one last "romantic" fling before it was all over. But for the most part, it was a combination of project and time management, gentle harassment and an overall belief that it would all work out.  And sure enough, on May 25th, the final finding was accepted by the Audit Team Lead.  That odd sound you probably heard on the morning of the 25th was me finally exhaling.

After that, it was a both a waiting game and a game of ping-pong, as the Audit Team Lead submitted our documentation for review to the IAQG, followed by the IAQG requesting corrections, followed by correction and resubmittal, followed by rejection, followed by correction and resubmittal . . . you get the idea.  Watching this unfold on the OASIS website was both amusing and nerve wracking, as our Revision C certificate expired on June 14, 2018.

In the end, on June 12th, I received a message from the Audit Team Lead that the new certificate was available for download on the OASIS website. More exhaling ensued.

Nine sites, under a single multi-site certification, audited over a period of 3 months, followed by response and closure of (BUTTON STILL ENGAGED) findings, followed by hurry up and wait for a new certificate.

In short . . . this goes on my CV.


As well this month, we have the following piece written by Jean-Pierre Amiel (Senior Member and ASQ CQA), with regards to volunteering for the ASQ Montreal Leadership Team:

Wanted: Brain Juice!!

I know, I know. You’ve just started a new job, reoriented your career path, have a family to raise and you’re very busy. No time to waste. The routine!

How’s about a new kind of experience!

Your ASQ Section offers great opportunities to meet others like you, to exchange on various topics and, especially, learn about what is going on in the quality field in your area and around the world.

How would you do that? Well you could attend some of our events - We organize presentations, company tours, panel discussions and even networking events.

Not enough? Why not tell us what you would like to see or even better, why not participate in making them happen.

Your Montreal section has been around for more than 68 years (!!!), and it’s not because of our good looks (Okay, it helps). But really, it’s because we have always had individuals, like yourself, who wanted to learn and to teach and brought their commitment and energy to fruition in our development.

Learn: Because other members, like you, have been working in the quality field for years and they may have already found solutions or developed tools to your problems or situations, or they may know someone or something to handle it. You will learn to communicate with your peers, develop organizing skills, put into practice new tools, bring ideas, develop and defend them and maybe see them through development and fruition.

Teach: That’s what you give to all of us. Your freshness, your ideas, experiences and your time. You offer us this opportunity to promote, enhance and continue our legacy. The wise ones say, you learn from teaching (true?).

We don’t know everything, but we are sure open to learn.

The Leadership Team offers various volunteering options. Ask yourself what activity is right for you:

• What problems would you solve, what would you change, or what would be your personal contribution?
• Do you have specific skills or talents that you would like to share with us?
• Are you interested in acquiring a specific skill?
• What are your personal goals?
• Do you want to re-enter the job market?
• Do you want to meet new people, make contacts or share experiences?

There are many ways to get involved in the ASQ Montreal Section. Not ready to take on a commitment yet? Then take a couple of hours, come to an event and meet the members of the Leadership Team or attend one of our meetings and see for yourself.

The following elected positions of the Leadership Team (LT) guide and ensure the continued success of the Section: Section Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary and Treasurer. They require some time commitment during their mandate.

The following other positions ensure the promotion and success of Section operations, planned activities and communications with members, non-members and other sections. These functions may be shared amongst LT members. Some require more time commitment than others (ex. Newsletter, Programs).

• Membership Chair and Quality Management Program
• Programs and Arrangements Chairs
• Voice of the Customer
• Audit, Education, and Recertification Chairs
• Social Media and Web Site Committee Chairs
• Newsletter Editor
• Nominating Chair
• Historian
• Internet Liaison

Now you’re interested? Send us a note today, our next meeting is soon.

P.S.: For those members with certifications, you may claim 2.0 Recertification Units (RU) per year of service as Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary or Treasurer and 1.5 RU per year/per committee member leader. If you perform ad hoc responsibilities, you may claim 0.2 RU per event/activity, for a total of 0.6 RU per year and 1.8 RUs MAX for ad hoc service.


Any feedback?  Click on the link in the bottom right corner of this section and let me know.  Thanks.

5. A Word from your Section Chair

By Robert Demers, ASQ Senior Member, CQA & CSSGB

Summer break and simulators!

We are preparing for a well-deserved break and this is our last stretch before the ASQ summer recess. So for our current members, those who plan ahead their attendances to our events, we have secured an interesting visit of a Flight Simulator + Training company located in St-Laurent.

It should be very interesting to see how flight simulators are built and how they manage the production lines. Also you can see how an important aerospace leader does his morning Gemba walks, how they prepare, post and plan their day, how they deal with production risks and maybe you can grab a few tricks that can be adapted to your own organization.

Keep your eyes open for the registration process (see Section 2 above), places are limited and some restrictions apply. Again, at the end of this first part of the year and before we go on to the hot season, I would like to thank this fantastic team that surrounds me at the Montreal ASQ Section 0401. We meet every month to plan, prepare and see how we can share our knowledge and make our members happy. Hopefully we meet our goal. Don’t hesitate to share your comments when we meet: we strive on originality, improvement and our fuel is your comments, good or bad!

Have a great summer and see you in September.

PS: Look me up in Linked-In and read more about me; just say you read this article and give your opinion or else click on the adjoining feedback link for a more personal comment or exchange.

244 words

Give me your feedback by e-mail

6. Had You Come to the Last Event

By Eric Hosking, Senior Consultant to Shainin, CQE, CSSBB and CQA

Had you come . . . Biomimicry

Dubrakva Kuzmic presented an interesting treatment of Biomimicry and the argument for sustainable design based on the work of Janine Benyus. Janine, author of the book "Biomimicry", is a design consultant who argues that the billions of years of terrestrial evolution have been a laboratory for the optimization of almost every design, and yet most designers are not ever exposed to a biology class. Dubravka showed videos of nature at work constructing designs, and humans at work adopting the lessons learned from nature.

She also introduced the lean concepts that govern natural systems, and how they could be applied to a circular economy where waste is not the product or even the by-product. All outputs are recycled. Dubravka also pulled together a series of references and links to organizations that are dedicated to using biomimicry as a means to a sustainable civilization. Needless to say, the audience very muched liked the presentation and the conversation was lively.

By Raymond E. Dyer, ASQ Senior Member, CMQ/OE, CQA, Nominating Chair, Historian and Internet Liaison

Had you come . . . PACCAR Site Visit

ASQ Montreal Section 0401 thanks Jon Schafer for setting up the PACCAR plant visit and Tommy Gaudreault for actually providing a very interesting plant visit of PACCAR in Saint-Therese that lasted a little over 2 hours. The visit started in the lobby where they proudly displayed a large number of trophies for their quality achievements.

The manufacturing processes visited captured the construction and painting of the cabs, the frames, and then their assembly to the motors and the various other components (ex. axles, wheels) right through to final test and delivery. PACCAR currently produce an average of 72 trucks a day with a Takt Time (average time between the start of production of one unit and the start of production of the next unit, usually set to match customer demand rate) of 6 minutes. They strive to actually have trucks come off the line in 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

PACCAR abides by well-known “best practice” values such as:
• Health & Safety (you can’t make Quality with sick and injured personnel!)
• Quality
• Mutual Respect
• Teamwork
• Continuous Improvement
• Communication
• Customer Satisfaction (both internal and external)

PACCAR also use various well-known practices such as employee suggestions, A3 forms for problem solving and continuous improvement, JIT (Just-In-Time), Kanban (scheduling system for lean manufacturing and JIT), and Mizusumashi (Japanese term for water spider but really meaning supplying a work station and keeping production going without disruption, ex. via predetermined “kits”). Lean thinking was also evident everywhere along the line where they keep a minimum of tools and inventory. The latter is achieved by using a kitting area to feed the line and coordinating with suppliers to deliver to specified doors as the line needs material.

PACCAR also use a few perhaps less well-known tools. One of these is Kamishibai audits and boards. Kamishibai was a form of Japanese street theatre and storytelling that was popular during the Depression of the 1930s and the post-war period in Japan. Kamishibai boards are used as visual controls for performing audits within a manufacturing process. A series of cards are placed on a board and selected at random or according to schedule by supervisors and managers of the area and placed so as to identify if the area passed or not the audit on these specific elements. This ensures safety and cleanliness of the workplace and that quality checks are performed.

Another of these less commonly known tools is Yamazumi (Japanese word that means to stack up). PACCAR uses Yamazumi to determine the work content of a series of tasks and facilitate work balancing and the isolation and elimination of non-value added work content. Whenever an exercise of increasing production rate is explored, i.e. decreasing Takt Time, this rebalancing of manufacturing activities needs to be reviewed and the balance “tweaked”.

PACCAR also encourages multifunctional employees, both in terms of providing flexibility/agility and also as a means of motivating employee development. Another very visual phenomenon we noticed was the number of women on the floor. In the last few years, PACCAR reportedly increased the portion of women working on their manufacturing processes from around 5% to 20%. This, in of itself, was deemed to have added to productivity and quality levels.

The employees of PACCAR were welcoming and appeared motivated. It was very common to cross paths and have them smiling at us as we were watching them. The mood was of confidence and pride.

There are some constraints when we conduct this tour: The number of visitors is limited to twelve The tour will occur during weekdays, Visitors from competing companies cannot attend.

Constraints notwithstanding, we are working with Jon to hold a second tour, and we strongly encourage ASQ members to take advantage of our next PACCAR plant visit opportunity if it becomes available.

7. Voice Of The Customer

By Eric Hosking, Senior Consultant to Shainin, CQE, CSSBB and CQA

A quiet month this month. Not much has happened at the ASQ HQ level.

Our event featuring Dubravka Kusmic on the subject of Biomimicry was well appreciated by the attendees, and the presentation earned 100% 4 or 5

Our plan of events for the fall has filled in to include two talk/workshops and a tour, as well as a speaker hosted event on the night of our General Assembly. Members of ASQ Montreal Section 401, Deborah Esplin and Gabriel Ahmarani have stepped forward to host events in October and November respectively. A highly recommended team of Walter Knitl and Nilufer Erdebil will be coming in from Ottawa to host the event in September. Details of their events can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

Note that the talk/workshops will be preceded by a speaker so the RU's that can be assigned to attendees to both parts will be 0.5 and 0.5 respectively. A tentative plan for next year, 2019, based on the feedback we get through our event surveys and analysis of the attendance in prior years, has been developed. We do however accept input and suggestions both as to the speakers who could support the tentative plan and/or any new ideas that could supplant a currently planned event.

Give me your feedback by e-mail

8. Section Nomination Process - Call for Officer Nominations

By Raymond E. Dyer, ASQ Senior Member, CMQ/OE, CQA, Nominating Chair, Historian and Internet Liaison

It seems early but planning for next year’s Leadership Team involves time. Four of the positions on the team are elected officers, i.e. Section Chair, Section Vice-Chair, Section Secretary, and Section Treasurer. Three of these positions will be vacated for next year and other changes will be made amongst the rest of the Leadership Team involved as well.

Ever since I’ve been on the Leadership Team (about 25 years now), the election process has involved the Nominating Committee submitting a slate of officers and the slate being approved at the General Assembly. I’ve yet to see any formal alternate nominations for Section officer positions be made and actual voting elections take place. Should you wish to submit alternate nominations for Section officer positions, please submit a petition of at least 10 members of the Section to

Please note that, to hold a Section Officer position, one must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow ASQ member in good standing affiliated with the section. We will be repeating this call for nominations in the September newsletter. The slate will be proposed in the October newsletter and the General Assembly will be held on October 24, 2018.

For a listing of current ASQ Montreal Section 0401 positions, see It will soon be updated to include recent changes and committee members. For more information on the ASQ position themselves, see

If you have any interest in participating on the upcoming Section Leadership Team or have any questions on the roles themselves, please contact Section Chair Robert Demers at or myself at

Thank you and have a GREAT summer!


9. Welcome to our New Members

JUNE 2018
Bassem Bouslah
Mauricio Figueroa
Ali Ghaemi
Luisa Loayza
Atousa Pourfard
Serge Foffe Saamago
Mahsa Zolfagharinia
Carl Turcotte


10. Organziation Members

ASQ Montreal Section thanks our Organization Members:

Jon U. Schafer - PACCAR

11. Other ASQ Events

ASQ Montreal Francophone Section 404 (Thursday, June 21, 2018)

The ASQ Montreal Francophone section will be holding a site visit/cocktail night at Distillerie CIRKA in Montreal.

Visit the section's website for the latest information (CLICK HERE).

12. ASQ News

Transformation Update
Member leaders are well aware that ASQ is on a mission to transform into the robust, modern, well-respected, association its members and customers expect. CEO Bill Troy has prepared a message for member leaders, outlining ASQ's commitment to achieving transformation, and explains how the Society is already making progress. You can also read the latest FAQs here.
Read the message . . .

Strategic Planning
Strategic and competitive analysis will be addressed by ASQ Fellow Jd Marhevko at the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Annual Conference and Expo, June 16, 2018, in Indianapolis, IN. The conference has nine specialty tracks covering the hottest topics in management accounting. Marhevko says the long-term partnership between IMA and the Quality Management Division (QMD) has led to improved relationships between finance and government professionals and those in the quality field.
Learn more . . .

The Consequences of Failure
The failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) tool is a step-by-step approach for identifying all possible failures in a design, process, product, or service. A free webinar, June 20, 2018, noon - 1:00 p.m. (EDT), will explore "Working With FMEA: What's the Worst That Can Happen?" Presenter Eric Smathers will examine how to use the tool in a lean/Six Sigma project. Using FMEA simulation, you will identify high-risk process steps based on the consequences of failure. The webinar is free; ASQ membership is not required.
Register today . . .

Member Unit Changes
Exactly what will be changing for ASQ sections and divisions? This latest transformation message addresses questions and concerns that emerged during the Ideas to Action Gathering. In some respects, ASQ's transformation is a mere adjustment. It's a change to the way everyone in the Society approaches the way they do things today. In other respects, ASQ's transformation is a radical change. It represents a change to the way members and customers engage with the Society.
Read more . . .

13. ASQ Montreal Section Education Program 2018

By Dr. David Tozer, Ph.D., ASQ CQE and SSBB, Education & Audit Chair

Having ASQ certification gives you an edge in the market and can significantly increase your income.

ASQ Certification often leads to higher paying employment.  The money invested in education and certification increases chances of finding employment quickly in the down sizing environment we live in.  People who take the section sponsored refresher courses, and spend at least twice as much time as spent in the classroom on self study, have an 80%, or better, chance of passing the examination on the first attempt.

Certified Quality Engineer Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, human resources, team formation and group dynamics, inspection, metrology, sampling, reliability, quality standards, quality audit, statistics, design of experiments, process improvement, liability, and modern management methods for improving quality.

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, lean enterprise, statistics, design of experiments, and design for six sigma.

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, and statistics.

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Topics include: quality concepts, quality planning, customer focus, quality standards, project management, cost of quality, team formation and group dynamics, human resources and improvement.

Certified Quality Auditor Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, management responsibility, audit objectives, audit preparation, audit conduct, audit reporting, sampling, and basic statistics.

Certified Quality Inspector Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, geometry, metrology, reading drawings, mechanical processes, statistical process control, inspection, and sampling.

Calendar and Registration Form

Questions? In house courses, etc.: Dr. David Tozer:  (514) 694-2830,

14. Executive Committee Meetings & Officers

Section Executive Committee (Leadership Team) Meetings are held at different locations, starting at 6 PM. The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for:

September 5, 2018

Consult the List of Your Executive for 2018 here

Note that all dates planned are subject to change.  Please call ahead to attend by contacting the Section Chair or the Section Secretary.

Note: Available on request for section members only are minutes of section executive meetings (contact the Secretary) and section operating budget information (contact the Treasurer).

15. Unemployed Members Dues

Unemployed ASQ members receive a discount on their membership dues based on consecutive years of membership.

Consecutive Years of Membership Dues Discount
1-4 50%
5 or more 100%

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow member.
  • Any years as a Forum, Associate, or enrolled student do not qualify.
  • You may submit this application only after being unemployed for at least 90 days.
  • You must be actively seeking employment.
  • Retired or self-employed members are not eligible. ASQ offers a similar benefit for retired members.


  • Your basic membership dues for the current membership year will be paid or partially paid by ASQ. Basic membership dues exclude
    additional Forums and Divisions, journals, and additional Sections (Seniors and Fellows—you keep your extra benefit of choice).
  • You may participate in the program for no more than two years in your membership lifetime. You must complete an application for the second
    year of participation.
  • After renewing your membership, please visit Careers in Quality to search for jobs, apply for positions online, and post your resume for employers to view.

NOTE: The following links require that you be logged into your account before you try to activate them.

Download the ASQ Unemployment Program Application PDF (105 KB)

NOTE: The information related to this benefit was correct at the time this Newsletter was issued.  But as the ASQ has the right to revise its benefits, please contact the ASQ for the latest information on this benefit.  It may be revised or discontinued at any time.

16. Feedback

Please send us your comments about the ASQ Montreal Section 0401 E-Newsletter (topics, layout, length, etc.).  Do you want to contribute an article (English or French) or a good idea?  Contact us by e-mail.

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