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September 2020 (Volume 70 - Issue 7)

Our objective: To increase awareness, interest, and involvement in

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1 - Next Event

7 - La Voix du Client 

13 - Section Education Program

2 - Ad / Publicité

8 - Student Outreach Commitee

14 - Executive Committee Meetings & Officers

3 - Upcoming ASQ Montreal Section Events

9 - Proposed Slate of Officers

15 - Unemployed Member Dues

4 - The Editor's Corner

10 - Welcome to our New Members

16 - Feedback/Advertising Rates

5 - A Word from Your Section Chair

11 - Organization Members

6 - Had You Connected to the Last Event

12 - Other ASQ Events

1. Next Event


Wednesday, September 30, 2020


7:00 PM




Come and join us online on September 30th, when our guest speaker Jim Moran will deliver the topic of "Managing Risk with ISO 31000".

2. Ad / Publicité


Risk has never been on the minds of organizations more than it is now. Covid changed the way we see the world and showed us a whole new set of risks never imagined. This pandemic also showed us how ill-prepared we were for this kind of event.

For a "better next time" outcome, we can all improve our risk management activities. One way to do this is by using the ISO 31000 standard as a guideline or roadmap to create a more robust "emergency preparedness and response" process in our organizations.

In this webinar, we’ll be looking at the following areas:


Managing Risk vs. Risk Management

How Risk Management adds Value

ISO 31000 and its application

ISO 31000 – Six Principles
    How do these show Value creation and protection?

ISO 31000 – Framework
    How can we improve Leadership and Commitment?

ISO 31000 – Process
    What would a "Risk Management Process" look like?


Jim Moran, MA Ed., President, The Learning Alliance Inc., has been a business educator since 1977. He has written articles for a number of business publications, radio shows and hosted the TV talk show “How’s Business?

Since 1992, Jim has worked with all 5 versions of ISO 9001 and implemented over 30 full ISO Management Systems for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025 and Integrated systems that include more than one set of requirements. He delivers training courses for BSI and sits on ISO PC 280, a committee representing Canada in the development of a new ISO Standard for Management Consulting. His Tips for Management Systems can be seen on ''.


FREE for all particpants.

NOTE: Given the current restrictions resulting from COVID-19,
this event will be available via Webinar only.

Attendees to this event will will receive 0.5 RUs.

To register for this event, please send an e-mail confirming your presence to:


3. Upcoming ASQ Montreal Section Events

October 28, 2020
Annual General Assembly + Coaching Lean Six Sigma Teams with Diego Lythgoe of Shell.

In this presentation, Diego reviews the definition of Coaching and its relationship with ASQ’s LSS curricula. From a place of personal evolution from a highly analytical mindset to one that is open to the person-centered approach, he will share a summary of learnings in the following themes:

• ICF’s Coaching definitions and Core Competencies
• Frequent Themes in LSS practitioners’ development path
• Borrowing LSS’ DMAIC as a coaching framework
• “A-Ha” moments in the Coaching Journey
• Evolving as persons and professionals in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world

Diego Lythgoe is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, with over twenty years of experience deploying Continuous Improvement in international settings. His work has impacted a variety of industries; including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Devices and Energy.

His interest in Coaching grew in parallel to his professional development in CI and deepened through six years acting as a senior CI Coach for Royal Dutch Shell. He pursued the Associate Coach Certification (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation to complement his degree in Mechanical Engineering and his Masters in Management.

Diego currently teaches Lean Operations at McGill University and serves as Global Continuous Improvement Lead within Shell’s Trading and Supply business.

November 25, 2020
Sujet relie à la qualité chez Héma-Québec avec Isabelle Morin of Héma-Québec.

Also, if you have any ideas for a Quality topic that you would like to see covered during one of these webinars, do not hesitate to contact any on the Leadership Team.

4. The Editor's Corner

By Michael Bournazian, Eng., Newsletter Editor, ASQ Senior Member, CSSGB

When I completed working on the June 2020 Newsletter, I gave myself a challenge for this one: try and write about something that has nothing to do with the "P" word or the "C" word (not that "C" word, the new one we've all heard/used a million times this year).

Well, thanks to my friend and former work colleague Roch Simard, I got that "something" to write about.

Last month, Roch sent me a mesage saying "I just noticed your name appears in the ISO9001 standard!!! You’re famous!". I admit that at first I had no idea what he was talking about. I asked him to send me a copy of what he was looking at. Sure enough, in his French version of the standard approved in 2015 from the Standards Council of Canada, in the preamble section (which no one ever reads, just admit it), there I am noted as a "membre adjoint" (Deputy Member). And right near the top of the list of names to boot, one of those times when being alphabetically near the top with regards to your last name helps ;-)

"Oh yeah, right, I was involved in the revision of the standard back in 2012-13. How could I forget?" I responded back.

Well, not that hard to forget actually. For one, I was certainly not that much involved. I do remember making some recommendations and some edits to revised text. It was not like what this Newsletter is: a monthly process of collecting and editing together separate pieces of information into a cohesive online document. My activity with the ISO 9001:2015 standard amounted to a few evenings of work and that was it.

Perhaps more significantly, 2013 was quite the up and down year for me, with a change in job, as well as the passing of my Father. And since then, much more focus dedicated to work, and the work of life.

So no, it does not surprise me that I forgot all about this small chapter in my Quality work life. But it was certainly nice to be reminded of it, and nice to see that work (as minimal as it was) recognized in a tangible form.

So be proud of your achievements, however big or small. And remember to remember.


Any feedback?  Click on the link in the bottom right corner of this section and let me know. Thanks.

5. A Word from your Section Chair

By Eric Hosking, Senior Consultant to Shainin, ASQ CQE, CSSBB and CQA

We are back from our summer break. I hope the summer has been relaxing or profitable or both for you. Certainly the weather made it a very good summer to partake of outside activities and water sports. And for all the pandemic reasons, Quebec's tourist venues were chock full of, guess what? Visitors from Quebec!

Although it was intended to be a break for our leadership team, which it is normally, it was anything but.

First we closed out the spring with a virtual networking event. The LT webex team of JP and Ray have dedicated hours and hours to learning the various modules of Webex so that they can master them and then operate events flawlessly. It was the case for this event, hosted by Ray and Chantale with JP operating in the background. Three speakers, and three very timely topics, treating the impact of Covid and day to day quality management, allowing an unprecedented level of interaction with the audience as well as on-going polling for relevant feedback. By design, the event was held in French, since we were able to invite all the former members of Section 404 and we wanted to use the occasion to welcome them to our section. The event was very well appreciated as you'll find out in the testimony below. Kudos to the folks who worked so hard to make it a success. P.S. The team has been asked by Regional Director Ruth Stanley to generate an article for Quality Progress magazine describing how to make this kind of thing work. We all hope it will be accepted and if so, I will advise you when I know which issue it will be published in.

Throughout the summer the National Conference steering team, including support from our section, has been working to structure a virtual format for the National Conference. The theme is Connections for Excellence with each day dedicated to an important connection category: Connecting People, Connecting Technology and Connecting Processes. The speakers are now lined up and the format has been published. Over three days, October 18, 19 and 20, three keynote speakers will present in live on-line events, and for each day two more presentations will be made available as on demand recorded sessions. Each evening will have a "kitchen party" event with the speaker and authors present to field questions. Other discussions between members can also take place. The fourth day, the 21st, will see a French "kitchen party" with the author of a recorded session, Jean-Marc Legentil, present to field questions on his recorded session that will be available through out the conference. An email with all the details has been sent to all our members and the MyASQ sites, both French and English, have been updated by JP with the details of the speakers and authors and the material they will cover.

Our Student Outreach team have put together the Eric Stern award in memory of long time LT member Eric Stern who was a Concordia alumnus. The award will be given to the Concordia student making the best submission in Industrial Artificial Intelligence in Quality Assurance. Kudos to Farnoosh who has been doing the heavy lifting over the summer to make this come true. You can read about it on our MyASQ site.

Lastly the on-going administration of the section was heavier than usual during the summer break as we worked to close out the remaining issues of the HQ transformation. We supported the Regional Director for Canada/Greenland and we interacted with HQ on issues including the dissolution of Section 404. A new surprise is that we now have to put together a preliminary plan/budget in September for next year. This is two months earlier than in other years.

If nothing else we look forward to a summer of 2021 that will be far less demanding.

In closing I want to highlight a very important task that operates every summer: replenishment. Our Nominating Committee, headed by Sam, is building the compliment of new (and experienced) leaders who will guide the section in 2021. We made a call for leaders last newsletter and some positions are still to be filled. If you are unfamiliar with what the leadership team is or does, and you might be interested, please go to our MyASQ Engligh page or French page and look at the team posted there. Please share your interest with us. You can contact Sam. Just click on the 'Contacts' link in MyASQ to get his coordinates.

Give me your feedback by e-mail

6. Had You Connected to the Last Event

By Marcel Charbonneau, T.P., Membre sénior et CQA de l’ASQ


Voici un résumé de notre premier événement en français et virtuel par Marcel A. Charbonneau, T.P., Membre sénior et CQA de l’ASQ.

La pandémie du COVID-19 a fait ressortir le sens imaginatif et créatif d’individus de divers milieux de travail et même dans notre association – un réseautage virtuel de bienvenue. Nous n’avions pas tous des caméras et pas d’apéro, mais nous aurions pu prendre le digestif à notre santé. Mais, je seconde l’offre pour un vrai méchoui pour tous dans un proche avenir.

Merci à Éric Hosking, notre président, aux animateurs Chantale Simard et Raymond Dyer, et dans l’ombre Jean-Pierre Amiel et David Tozer.

Comme Jean-Pierre le mentionnait, encore une nouvelle version de webinaire qu’ils ont dû maîtriser rapidement et ils seront meilleurs la prochaine fois.

Éric et les animateurs ont ensuite prononcé le mot de bienvenue et les 25 participants se sont ensuite présentés à tour de rôle en mentionnant leurs attentes à propos de cette rencontre. Au programme les audits virtuels, l’impact de la pandémie sur le travail et les préoccupations de nos entreprises.

Annie van Otterdijk et Sam Weissfelner, des auditeurs travaillant pour des registraires, nous ont raconté leur expérience quant aux audits virtuels. Ils utilisent les différents outils de communication pour les réunions et les rencontres avec des audités et utilisent les différents réseaux et moyens disponibles, partagent des documents à l’écran et la caméra de cellulaire pour visiter des ateliers, etc... Cela leur demande plus de préparation, et sont forcé de repenser le plan d’audit tout en consultant des documents demandés et fournis par les clients.

Les principales difficultés qui ont été exprimées:

1. Le travail devient très intense quand on est en ligne durant 3 à 4 heures en continu.
2. En étant absent du site, l’auditeur ne peut pas percevoir d’autres aspects du système en échangeant plus librement avec des audités et en observant les signes non-verbal.

Chantale et Roger Pelletier ont commenté l’approche des auditeurs internes chez Bombardier où les audits se font aussi de manière virtuelle en consultant les différents dossiers sur le réseau de l’entreprise.

Durant les échanges, des mini-sondages ont été faits afin de connaître la situation et les impacts de la pandémie sur l’audité, l’auditeur et le professionnel de la qualité:

• 68% n’ont pas d’expérience d’audit virtuel et presque autant n’ont pas fait l’objet d’audit virtuel;
• 82% prévoient une augmentation des audits virtuels;
• 55% croient qu’après la pandémie, l’audit virtuel restera en partie comme mode de fonctionnement à long terme.

Les discussions se sont poursuivies sur les impacts de la COVID-19 sur le rôle des professionnels en qualité et voici ceux identifiés par les participants:

• 39% ont développé de nouvelles compétences;
• 35% ont connu l’arrêt de certains processus;
• 30% se sont créés de nouvelles opportunités;
• 26% ont eu plus de travail;
• 26% ont constaté plus de retard.

Nous avons terminé les discussions sur les cinq principales préoccupations des entreprises que les participants ont dû adresser:

• 41% du personnel travaille à domicile;
• 36% ont vu une réduction des ventes;
• 32% ont connu des modifications de processus;
• 32% ont vu une réduction de personnel;
• 27% connaissent des problèmes dans la chaîne d’approvisionnement.

Lors d’un dernier tour de table virtuel, les participants ont pu exprimer leur conclusion et satisfaction. En général les personnes ont acquis des connaissances sur les audits virtuels.

Je vous invite à continuer les discussions, échanger, poser des questions et donner votre opinion sur notre groupe LinkedIn à ASQ Montreal Quality Network - Réseau Qualité ASQ Montréal.

7. La Voix du Client

Par Amine Djeffal, ASQ CQA, RAC, Quality and Regulatory Affairs Professional 

L’objectif de cette rencontre virtuelle était surtout de souhaiter la bienvenue aux membres de la défunte section francophone 0404. Selon les résultats du sondage la majorité des répondants, soit 69%, étaient membres en bonne et due forme de l’ASQ. Les niveaux d’appréciation ont dépassé 95% concernant les catégories Sujet, Approche et Animation. En ce qui a trait à la qualité des échanges le résultat obtenu était de 89%.

Incontestablement les audits virtuels et les préoccupations majeures des professionnels de la qualité durant la pandémie de la Covid-19 furent parmi les sujets les plus débattus. D’autres parts les participants ont exprimé de l’intérêt à l’égard de certains sujets d’actualité. On peut en citer, à titre d’exemples, le développement durable et la qualité, le coaching, les chaines d’approvisonnement, la gestion de risque dans l’industrie pharmaceutique . . . Autant de sujets incontournables auxquels nous sommes prêts à considérer pour nos prochaines soirées thématiques.

Toujours selon les résultats du sondage, l’infolettre de la section 0401 demeure le meilleur moyen pour joindre le maximum de membres afin de les tenir informés des évènements à venir.

Au final l’évènement a suscité un engouement et un enthousiasme ayant dépassé toutes les attentes. En effet, 94% des participants ont indiqué qu’ils participeraient à un évènement similaire dans un proche avenir.

Encore une fois on tient à souhaiter la bienvenue à tous les anciens membres de la section 0404 et à remercier toutes les personnes qui ont contribué, de près ou de loin, au déroulement et au succès de cet évènement.

Restez connectés pour plus d’infos. À bientôt.

Give me your feedback by e-mail

8. Student Outreach Committee - 2020 Eric Stern Award

By Raymond E. Dyer - ASQ Senior Member, CMQ/OE, CQA, Student Outreach Committee member


Eric Stern (photos above) remains a well remembered ASQ Montreal Section Leader and Concordia Alumni.

In honour of Eric's work with both the ASQ and Concordia University, Farnoosh Naderkhani, with the support of Veronica Marquez, myself, the rest of the ASQ Montreal Section's Leadership, and the Concordia University Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, proposed a 2020 Eric Stern Award competition. It will be open to registered full time Master of Science (M.Sc) or Master of Engineering (M.Eng) students at Quality Systems Engineering at Concordia Institute for Information System Engineering (CIISE) or Industrial Engineering from Mechanical, Aerospace and Industrial Engineering (MAIE) at Concordia University.

We're asking these students to put their skills to good use and compete for the $500 CAD "2020 Eric Stern Award" that focuses on design of novel and innovative inspection and control systems for defect detection. We hope the students see the exercise as a rewarding learning exercise and small financial incentive to compete and win, as well as learn more and appreciate a fellow alumni that made his mark with several societies, not just ASQ and Concordia.

See the 2020 Eric Stern Award for more details.

9. Repeat Call for Officer Nominations and Proposed Slate of Officers (January - December 2021)

By Sam Weissfelner, ASQ Senior Member, ASQ CSQE, CQA, Nominating Chair, Arrangements Chair, Program Committee Member 

The ASQ Montreal Section Nominating Committee comprising of J.P. Amiel, Inteaz Alli, and Sam Weissfelner (Nominating Committee Chair), proposes the following Slate of Officers for January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021:

Chair:            Chantale Simard
Vice-Chair:   Veronica Marquez
Secretary:    Raymond E. Dyer
Treasurer:    Eric Hosking

To nominate a different Slate of Officers, or to obtain further information, please contact Sam Weissfelner at Alternate nominations for Section Officer positions can be made by petition of at least 10 members of the Section (see ASQ Montreal Section nomination petition form). Please note that, in order to hold a Section Officer position, one must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow ASQ member in good standing affiliated with the section.

The proposed Slate of Officers will be repeated in the October newsletter and the General Assembly will be held on October 28, 2020.

For a listing of current ASQ Montreal Section 0401 positions, see For more information on the ASQ position themselves, see

If you are interested in participating on the upcoming Section Leadership Team or have any questions on the roles themselves, please contact Section Chair Eric Hosking at or myself at

Thank you to all section members who supported the efforts of the Nominating Committee over the last several months, and welcome back to all our members from their summer vacations!

10. Welcome to our New Members

JUNE 2020
Samin Eftekhari
Jean Hafner
Mohamed Amine Khalf
Panagiotis Leventakis
Fred Long
Daniel Morrissette
Binati Pantangi
Paul Quinn

JULY 2020
July Dorion-Thibaudeau
Didier Leon
Pranav Prasad
Gwen Aoife Swan

Paul H. Aube
Larabi Kdider

11. Organization Members

ASQ Montreal Section thanks our Organization Members:

Jon U. Schafer - PACCAR

12. Other ASQ Events

Canada Conference 2020 - Canada - Conférence sur la qualité 2020

For more information on this upcoming conference, see the brochure or our myASQ web site for Information & Registration.

Pour plus d'informations sur cette conférence à venir, voir la brochure ou notre site web myASQ pour Informations & Réservation.

Regional Webinars

To see the list of webinars being offered by ASQ's Canada/Greenland Region, visit our myASQ site "Canada/Greenland Region Webinars - Webinaires".
Pour voir la list des webinaires proposés par la région Canada/Groenland de l'ASQ, visitez notre site myASQ "Canada/Greenland Region Webinars - Webinaires".

To see the list of webinars being offered by ASQ's Europe, Middle East, And Africa Region, visit our myASQ site "Webinars - Europe, Middle East, And Africa Region".
Pour voir la list des webinaires proposés par la région Europe, Moyen-Orient et Afrique de l'ASQ, visitez notre site myASQ "Webinars - Europe, Middle East, And Africa Region".

13. ASQ Montreal Section Education Program 2020

By Dr. David Tozer, Ph.D., ASQ CQE and SSBB, Education & Audit Chair

Having ASQ certification gives you an edge in the market and can significantly increase your income.

ASQ Certification often leads to higher paying employment.  The money invested in education and certification increases chances of finding employment quickly in the down sizing environment we live in.  People who take the section sponsored refresher courses, and spend at least twice as much time as spent in the classroom on self study, have an 80%, or better, chance of passing the examination on the first attempt.

NOTE: Courses are now available online as well

Certified Quality Engineer Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, human resources, team formation and group dynamics, inspection, metrology, sampling, reliability, quality standards, quality audit, statistics, design of experiments, process improvement, liability, and modern management methods for improving quality.

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, lean enterprise, statistics, design of experiments, and design for six sigma.

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, and statistics.

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Topics include: quality concepts, quality planning, customer focus, quality standards, project management, cost of quality, team formation and group dynamics, human resources and improvement.

Certified Quality Auditor Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, management responsibility, audit objectives, audit preparation, audit conduct, audit reporting, sampling, and basic statistics.

Certified Quality Inspector Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, geometry, metrology, reading drawings, mechanical processes, statistical process control, inspection, and sampling.

Calendar and Registration Form

Questions? In house courses, etc.: Dr. David Tozer:  (514) 694-2830,

14. Executive Committee Meetings & Officers

Section Executive Committee (Leadership Team) Meetings are held at different locations, starting at 6 PM. The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for:

October 7, 2020

Consult the List of Your Executive for 2020 here

Note that all dates planned are subject to change.  Please call ahead to attend by contacting the Section Chair or the Section Secretary.

Note: Available on request for section members only are minutes of section executive meetings (contact the Secretary) and section operating budget information (contact the Treasurer).

15. Unemployed Members Dues

Unemployed ASQ members receive a discount on their membership dues based on consecutive years of membership.

Consecutive Years of Membership Dues Discount
1-4 50%
5 or more 100%

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow member.
  • Any years as a Forum, Associate, or enrolled student do not qualify.
  • You may submit this application only after being unemployed for at least 90 days.
  • You must be actively seeking employment.
  • Retired or self-employed members are not eligible. ASQ offers a similar benefit for retired members.


  • Your basic membership dues for the current membership year will be paid or partially paid by ASQ. Basic membership dues exclude
    additional Forums and Divisions, journals, and additional Sections (Seniors and Fellows—you keep your extra benefit of choice).
  • You may participate in the program for no more than two years in your membership lifetime. You must complete an application for the second
    year of participation.
  • After renewing your membership, please visit Careers in Quality to search for jobs, apply for positions online, and post your resume for employers to view.

NOTE: The following links require that you be logged into your account before you try to activate them.

Download the ASQ Unemployment Program Application PDF (105 KB)

NOTE: The information related to this benefit was correct at the time this Newsletter was issued.  But as the ASQ has the right to revise its benefits, please contact the ASQ for the latest information on this benefit.  It may be revised or discontinued at any time.

16. Feedback

Please send us your comments about the ASQ Montreal Section E-Newsletter (topics, layout, length, etc.).  Do you want to contribute an article (English or French) or a good idea?  Contact us by e-mail.

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25% discount for 8 issues (full year) 

Contact Michael Bournazian for more information

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