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March 2017 (Volume 67 - Issue 3)

Our objective: To increase awareness, interest, and involvement in Section activities and quality-related subjects. 

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7 - Voice Of The Customer 

13 - Executive Committee Meetings & Officers 

2 - Ad / Publicité

8 - Welcome to our New Members

14 - Recertification

3 - Upcoming ASQ Events

9 - Organization Members

15 - Recently Retired

4 - The Editor's Corner

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12 - Section Education Program

1. Next Event


Wednesday, March 29, 2017


6:00 PM



1790 Cote Vertu
St. Laurent, Quebec
H4L 2A6


Mitchell Daudier

Corporate HS&E Manager

Logistec Corporation


Please join us on March 29th, 2017 to listen to our guest speaker present the topic of Human Factors!

2. Ad / Publicité


While it is still true that human errors are the cause of many accidents in various industries, there are certain areas where it can be fatal. Statistics show that humans are still the cause of serious incidents in various areas, and although companies are increasingly equipped to conduct incident investigation, they don't always succeed in getting to the root causes.

At a time when several companies are dependent on the human system, where many complex manufacturing operations are still based on good communication between workers, good judgment and mind on task, incident investigation tools must at least be as systematic as possible. This presentation gives an overview of different incident investigation tools commonly used, and digs deeper into the Tap Root methodology and how it can be applied to identify root causes when human error is at play.


Mitchell Daudier is the Corporate Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager of Logistec Corporation. Mitchell has more than 20 years of experience in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management. In 1995 she started her career as an intern at Nortel, then years later she was implementing HSE management systems in numerous large corporations in Quebec and Ontario. For some time, she taught auditing principles at the University of Montreal within the program Certificat en Sante et Securite au Travail. Her experience in HSE and Quality management systems covers diverse areas of manufacturing businesses. Her experience in both the consultancy business and the corporate world makes her a very pragmatic and highly motivated person.

Mitchell just received an MBA from Sherbrooke University. She first obtained a Bachelors in Food Science and Technology from McGill University, and a Graduate Diploma in Eco-Toxicology from Concordia University. Throughout her career, Mitchell worked with diverse industries to improve their level of management of incidents, successfully maintained numerous HSE management systems and led several audit teams.

On a daily basis, Mitchell and her team develop HSE strategies and processes to allow workers to return home with no injury.  Consequently, the end result of their incident investigations is to get to the root causes. Adequate incident and investigation tools are keys to prevent recurrence of incidents and increase safety awareness.



ASQ Members, Non-members and Students: $25 for meal, tax and service included
New ASQ Members: Free
Drinks not included

As noted above, this event will be at a new location, the Via Marcello Restaurant.
There is free parking directly in front of the restaurant.
It is also within walking distance of the Cote-Vertu metro station, which is on the orange line.
You can also take the 121 STM Bus (Sauvé/Cote-Vertu) direction west, and get off at the Cote-Vertu/Leduc stop close to the restaurant.

Bring your business cards and be ready to network.

To register for any event or for more information on events please contact:

Dr. David Tozer


3. Upcoming ASQ Events

April: Quality Standards (AS9100)
May: Critical Thinking
July: Golf Tournament
September: Plant Tour
October: General Assembly + Healthcare
November: Pecha Kucha Night

Please make a point to join us!

4. The Editor's Corner

By Michael Bournazian, Eng., Newsletter Editor, ASQ Senior Member, CSSGB

Three years later . . . still waiting and hoping.


Any feedback?  Click on the link in the bottom right corner of this section and let me know.  Thanks.

5. A Word from your Section Chair

By Robert Demers, ASQ Senior Member, CQA & CSSGB

One person told me this week, "If you volunteer it’s because you can’t say no". Sorry, I disagree. I volunteered throughout my life to be around my kids, to have some activities that needed organization (canoe trips, Boy Scout leader, animator at charitable organizations, fund raising activities, blog keeper for a biking group and a few more) and many others. When you enjoy something, you do not really count.

False! There is one thing that you count. The number of times you get a "Thank you", you want peoples' appreciation!

If you have read me since the beginning, you know that I base each of my articles on the number of words it contains. I have read all my predecessor’s articles since I joined before I started writing my first article. So far, after two columns written I have received four (4) reply emails (nice, make it into a presentation, thank you and well done) of appreciation.

Speaking to the Immediate Past Chair this week to thank him for his encouraging documented note on my past article, he told me something which I felt sad for. In the eighteen (18) articles he wrote in two (2) years, he never got a single return on any of his subjects. I hear you say that it must have been bad writing, not worth commenting! On the contrary, he is one that wrote these articles with the most content and researched information. You would more than likely appreciate them too.

You can access the complete list of past articles and do as I did, read them all or, at least a few of them with subjects that generate a little interest. I made a list for your convenience, the links are my own choices; make your own. Who knows, you may even find yourself thanking the writer by emailing your appreciation (I will forward it if you tell me the subject reference).

Thanks for reading me this time again (and maybe some others) and should you come to our monthly events, you refine your knowledge, learn new techniques, and mostly, exchange with your Quality peers. I can’t wait to shake your hand there.

And do not forget, there is a Colloque organized by Section 404 in May.






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Give me your feedback by e-mail

6. Had You Come to the Last Event

By Raymond E. Dyer, ASQ Senior Member, CMQ/OE, CQA

Had you come . . . Six Sigma Panel Event

On February 22nd, we had three excellent panelists talk about Six Sigma with moderator Eric Hosking, our ASQ Montreal Section 0401 Program, Arrangements, and VOC Chairs.

The panelists were:

1) Dany Dumont, General Manager for Tekalia Aeronautik;
2) Pierre Gaudet, Fellow and Mechanical & Quality Engineer for Pratt & Whitney Canada;
3) Mutair Kadiri, Supplier Readiness Engineer for Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

Three general themes were discussed:

1) Pre-requisites for a successful Six Sigma implementation;
2) The challenges and requirements of sustaining such a program;
3) Training/Team/Execution/Benefits.

There was a wealth of information and experience shared. While each panelist presented a unique dimension and flavour to the conversation, it was obvious that they generally shared common opinions about certain elements.  For example:

-Six Sigma can apply to any company or industry, e.g. banking, health care, services, etc., not just manufacturing;
-Top management understanding and ownership are essential criteria to implement and sustain;
-There needs to be a true culture change, not just following the latest fad or flavour of the day;
-One needs to choose the right people, those good for the team and that demonstrate the vision;
-Projects need to start with an appropriate charter/scope, one that is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound);
-Need both hard and soft training. Hard training is like the tools. Soft training is like the team/meeting management skills.

There were also some very pragmatic warnings, ex:

-Track real costs, not cost avoidance. It was reported that in some circumstances, the cost savings reported exceeded the company's costs altogether, a financial impossibility;
-It'll take time to show much progress; at least 3 years, the first of which will mostly be for training at various levels, e.g. Management, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, etc. At one company, new employees are required to complete internal Green Belt training even if they are already trained Black Belts;
-One of the biggest challenges is a poor measurement system;
-Need to avoid non-value added bureaucracy and try to secure automated, not manually collated, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators);
-The Master Black Belts need to be tough at the start and drive rigour in the Six Sigma process.

There were a lot more points but the above gives you a flavour of the evening's discussions. The panelists were truly interesting to listen to and their experience really showed. The moderator, Eric, did an excellent job of moving from one topic to another and connecting them as the evening progressed. His experience in the subject matter showed. Even some of the attendees enhanced the evening with very pertinent questions and concerns, a few based on their own experiences.

I've enjoyed the panel format ever since the event I facilitated for the section in January 2012 (see ASQ Panel Event on: The Importance of Cultural Settings for Continuous Improvements in Quality. I was very pleased with that event but we did discover that five panelists were a bit much for one evening. Since then, the format has been fine-tuned and has generally been well appreciated. Thanks to their experience and skills, Eric and our three panelists (Dany, Pierre, and Mutair) demonstrated, once again, the quality of this type of ASQ event and of the professionals that participate. I look forward to the next one.

7. Voice Of The Customer

By Eric Hosking, Senior Fellow of Quality at PWC, BApSc in Mech Eng, MBA, CQE, CSSBB and CQA

Feedback from our Six Sigma panel event was overwhelming positive with 97% scoring 4 out of 5 or higher for all elements of the event. The three panelists brought tremendous insight to the discussion based on their broad experience implementing Six Sigma systems in various industries.

Feedback from our shared Section 401/404 networking event in January was also very positive with over 87% reporting they were satisfied or very satisfied with the event globally and 100% finding the networking element satisfactory or very satisfactory.

8. Welcome to our New Members

Leila Aksiman
Martin Greusard
Mohsen Jafari Khoshkroudi
Ali Lavasani
Vy Phung Nguyen
Srivani Singireddy
Philippe Tremblay
Steve Tsafack
Christiane Turgeon
Peiying Wang
Jingjun (Julia) Yu

9. Organziation Members

ASQ Montreal Section thanks our Organization Members:

QMI - SAI Global

10. Other ASQ Events

Le Colloque Qualité de Montreal (Tuesday, May 4, 2017)

Please join us for the "Quality in Action" seminar (colloque), which will take place on May 4, 2017 in Montreal. Sign up at or at the official website for the event.

Ten (10) experienced speakers will introduce you to various relevant quality themes in a practical way, so that you may leave with an applicable tool for your organization.

Cost for the seminar and evening events, early registration (before March 15):
            ASQ member: $200
            Non-member: $300
            Student: $70

If you will not be available during the day for the seminar, come join us for the evening networking event, with cocktail and jazz band: $40.

11. ASQ News

Segmentation Study
To better understand purchasing behaviors, ASQ conducted a study of individual members and customers and divided them into viable marketing segments. The study results will help maximize ASQ's marketing efficiency and return on investment. The next steps include developing marketing plans and tactics to grow ASQ membership and revenue.
Read the summary . . .

Keynote Speaker Profile
The afternoon keynote speaker at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, will be radio host, author, and award-winning journalist Celeste Headlee. Her talk on the 10 Ways to Have Better Conversations has been viewed by more than 6 million people around the world.
Read more . . .

Voice of the Customer
How can you incorporate valuable voice of the customer (VoC) data into your member unit strategy? Last week, Technical Communities VoC peer group facilitator Peter Stamps shared his thoughts with a PowerPoint presentation during member leader training.
View the slides . . .

Propel Forward
Many engineering principles and concepts, including tension and compression, can be applied to bolstering process improvement and innovation efforts. In this QP article, member leader Tracy Owens uses the analogy of axles on vehicles to illustrate the steps needed when managing projects.
Read more . . .

12. ASQ Montreal Section Education Program 2017

By Dr. David Tozer, Ph.D., ASQ CQE and SSBB, Education & Audit Chair

Having ASQ certification gives you an edge in the market and can significantly increase your income.

ASQ Certification often leads to higher paying employment.  The money invested in education and certification increases chances of finding employment quickly in the down sizing environment we live in.  People who take the section sponsored refresher courses, and spend at least twice as much time as spent in the classroom on self study, have an 80%, or better, chance of passing the examination on the first attempt.

Certified Quality Engineer Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, human resources, team formation and group dynamics, inspection, metrology, sampling, reliability, quality standards, quality audit, statistics, design of experiments, process improvement, liability, and modern management methods for improving quality.

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, lean enterprise, statistics, design of experiments, and design for six sigma.

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Topics include: quality concepts, cost of quality, enterprise wide deployment, business process management, project management, team formation and group dynamics, define, measure, analyze, improve, control, and statistics.

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Topics include: quality concepts, quality planning, customer focus, quality standards, project management, cost of quality, team formation and group dynamics, human resources and improvement.

Certified Quality Auditor Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, management responsibility, audit objectives, audit preparation, audit conduct, audit reporting, sampling, and basic statistics.

Certified Quality Inspector Topics include: quality concepts, team formation and group dynamics, geometry, metrology, reading drawings, mechanical processes, statistical process control, inspection, and sampling.

Calendar and Registration Form

Questions? In house courses, etc.: Dr. David Tozer:  (514) 694-2830,

13. Executive Committee Meetings & Officers

Section Executive Committee (Leadership Team) Meetings are held at different locations, starting at 6 PM. The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for:

April 5, 2017

Consult the List of Your Executive for 2017 here

Note that all dates planned are subject to change.  Please call ahead to attend by contacting the Section Chair or the Section Secretary.

Note: Available on request for section members only are minutes of section executive meetings (contact the Secretary) and section operating budget information (contact the Treasurer).

14. Recertification

Is Your Recertification Due?

Look at your wallet card to see when your present certification is due to expire. If it says June 30, 2016 you should contact ASQ by phone at 1-800-248-1946 and explain your situation to them because your certification has lapsed and you are no longer certified.

If your wallet card states December 2016 you have until June 30, 2017 to get your journal to me. Why so long? Because you have an expiration date of December 31, 2016 plus or minus six months. To assist you with documenting your Recertification Units (RU) please use the Electronic Recertification Journal, or a paper equivalent, to document your claims. Please also complete the "Documentation Required" log for each section of point that you are claiming and attach all of the relevant evidence thereto. Journals with just the "ASQ Recertification Journal Application" page completed and no documented supporting evidence will not be accepted.

Maybe you’ve decided not to recertify because (a) you are unemployed, (b) no longer in the quality field or perhaps, (c ) your employer no longer will pay for it? Think about this, your certification belongs to you and no one else. Your name is on it and no one else’s. It is portable and you can bring the recognition to your next company. Remember how hard you had to study for it? If you let it lapse you must rewrite the exam. Do you know where you will be employed in a year or so? Well congratulations if you do because most of us don’t and it could come in handy then, it sure won’t hinder you to retain it. The cost at $69 USD to renew one certification is much less than it would be to rewrite. If you are unemployed then contact ASQ directly at 1-800-248-1946. Ask for “Recertification” then explain your unemployment situation to them. You may be able to have your due date extended. But at $69.00 that is not really that much if it will help land your next job?

If you are a member of Section 0401, Montreal then contact me (Norman) at to find out where to send your journal. If you are NOT a member of section 401 then contact ASQ directly at 1-800-248-1946.

Please DO NOT E-MAIL your journal to me. I am not set up to print all the required pages for every journal submitted. Use Canada Post or equivalent.

15. Recently Retired?

Certification Retirement - The Value of an ASQ Quality Certification

If you are an ASQ-certified professional who has retired from full-time, active employment and have reached age 55, you may request a “retired” status to be designated on your certification wallet card(s) and other certification records.

You may apply for retired status up to one year before or after your certification(s) expiration date.

Retired Certification Status Form (PDF, 45KB)

Benefits of retiring your certification(s):

•You are not required to collect and submit the 18 RU credits or recertify by exam to retire your certification.
•Your certification will be left in “good standing.”
•Your certification will not lapse and be deleted from your records (in case you need to reinstate it).
•To reinstate your certification, you are not required to submit 18 RU credits or recertify by exam.

Once you retire your certification(s), you will receive a new certificate and wallet card. The only difference from the certificate and wallet card you receive is that it will no longer have an expiration date, but will show "retired".

If for some reason you need to go back to full-time or part-time employment, you may reinstate your certification(s) by contacting the ASQ HQ Recertification Coordinator and stating your situation. From the date you are reinstated, that will be the beginning of your new three-year recertification period and you will then begin to accrue the required RU credits needed to recertify your certification(s) by your new expiration date.

**Certification retirement option is not to be used as an alternate method of retaining your certification due to hardship or some other reasoning for not obtaining the required 18 RU credits or recertification by exam. Please contact the Recertification Coordinator for further assistance if you are unsure or do not qualify for certification retirement status.

16. Unemployed Members Dues

Unemployed ASQ members receive a discount on their membership dues based on consecutive years of membership.

Consecutive Years of Membership Dues Discount
1-4 50%
5 or more 100%

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow member.
  • Any years as a Forum, Associate, or enrolled student do not qualify.
  • You may submit this application only after being unemployed for at least 90 days.
  • You must be actively seeking employment.
  • Retired or self-employed members are not eligible. ASQ offers a similar benefit for retired members.


  • Your basic membership dues for the current membership year will be paid or partially paid by ASQ. Basic membership dues exclude
    additional Forums and Divisions, journals, and additional Sections (Seniors and Fellows—you keep your extra benefit of choice).
  • You may participate in the program for no more than two years in your membership lifetime. You must complete an application for the second
    year of participation.
  • After renewing your membership, please visit Careers in Quality to search for jobs, apply for positions online, and post your resume for employers to view.

NOTE: The following links require that you be logged into your account before you try to activate them.

Download the ASQ Unemployment Program Application PDF (105 KB)

NOTE: The information related to this benefit was correct at the time this Newsletter was issued.  But as the ASQ has the right to revise its benefits, please contact the ASQ for the latest information on this benefit.  It may be revised or discontinued at any time.

17. Feedback

Please send us your comments about the ASQ Montreal Section 0401 E-Newsletter (topics, layout, length, etc.).  Do you want to contribute an article (English or French) or a good idea?  Contact us by e-mail.

Advertising Rates (per ad)


 ASQ Member



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Regular size



Small size



10% discount  for 2 to 7 issues
25% discount for 8 issues (full year) 

Contact Michael Bournazian for more information

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